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Looking for a developer.


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I'm new here and I'm looking for a developer to code me an Online Pokemon RPG. I've already set up a few RPGs but all were shutdown by me as I am not a very experienced coder, so I couldn't code anything unique and the RPG had only basic Pokemon functions that would not attract any users. Also, it was not very secure. Whoever does end up helping/coding for me the codes can be based off any engine or source you like.

I will need to the price you would want for coding it. Also I'm not paying everything upfront, only half before the project and the last half after it's finished. You will need to show some previous work of yours before we get started.

Paying through paypal only.

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I would like some basic features like


Battling other users and gyms (page doesn't refresh)

Live Battles (if possible)

Viewing Profiles/Trainers Box


Sell/Buy Pokemon

Changing moves and adding/removing items from Pokemon (I can provide the SQL with the moves and items)

Pokedex which shows the stats of each Pokemon (I can provide SQL with all the Pokemon stats and names)

Ability to claim promotional Pokemon

Map system (page doesn't refresh)

Premium Shop (users must buy coins)

Staff Panel

Bot Detection (see if user is actually battling or bot)

I can name a ton of more features but a 2 good examples would be This RPG Also This.


I would like to stay within maybe $500, I can up it a little if needed. Also a custom layout would be nice.

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Thats more 'like it. Im just a bit worried that $500 may not be enough to cover it since a lot of the people here do have jobs, and families so a lot of the time you are paying for their free time.

The layout alone is approx $100-200 and thats sliced and coded, and if you want an engine that can do a lot of the stuff for you (I would suggest NWE) then that is $100 which puts you up to $200-$300

Here is why I (if I were you) would think about NWE:


  • It has Login/Register
  • There is an attack system but its not really built that way but its pretty modular so that can be changed
  • Profiles though they can be spruced up a bit
  • There is a module that allows players to buy things in game which you can add anything in there
  • And it has a staff panel which has the ability to edit pretty much anything in the game from files to the database

So this really only leaves you with a few things that need to be created or edited. So good luck with your venture.

Im sure that are several people here that you can possibly go to and get these things done.

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I've always loved the idea of building an awesome 2D RPG styled Pokemon based game. Never had the time or patience to finish any parts of it.

Really good luck with the project. I'm excited about what comes out of it.

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I recommend you Magictallguy or Blade Maker! They are one of the few great fantastic great excellent coders I have ever met!

Thank you, I'm still waiting on Blade Makers reply and I'll contact Magictallguy


Cool. I'll give him a heads up about this. What's your budget?

My budget is $500 for everyone but it will go up depending on the quality of work the person gives and or the feedback this person has.

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I'm interested in where this could go- with a little more info on full job spec, I could consider if I have the time for it.

Feel free to send me a PM.

I'm sure there are enough noobs on this forum to vouch for what I can do :D

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