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What MWG would be like...


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I'm really bored, and this forum isn't really useful for anything other than trollin'(read: yo).

Some of the old forumites will remember this, a time much better than now, when this forum was set as your homepage and the mass of your bookmarks were these posts.

Oh, how I miss the good old times. We've met some great people here, and now, they're all gone.

This forum was one of my safe havens, a place where I could actually get useful information from knowledgeable people.

Today that vision has long faded, and replaced with sights of ignorance and stupidity.

Do you guys still remember those days when mdshare ran the place and the -then- irreplaceable people such as Scarlet, seanybob, and all the others(I could name many).

What would MWG be like if MCCodes didn't come and **** it up, oh, I can't forgive you for that, mdshare - I admit I had my share of conflicts with you, but it's like they say: "You never really know what you've got until it's gone".



P.S. Goodbye everyone.

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ever since the move from CE to MWG I've thought it has went down hill TBH i check these forums no-where as much as i use too, i use to remember coding a small modification staying up to 11/12ish to reply to any comment posted then wake up at 6 to then re-comment on any that posted while i was sleeping :P

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I wasn't fortunate enough to be here during the CE days so the way it is now I have kind of grown accustomed to it. I have received tons of help from pretty much all the the ol' timers that are still around and have met quite a few new people who I chit-chat with pretty much on an everyday basis and would consider them as my friends even if its in a virtual world of MWG.

There is a lot of trolling that I have seen that for me kind of ruins my log on experience at times but a lot of posts I have seen come from you spud I wouldn't really call it "trolling" because 99% of the time you back up what your talking about kind of like Guest/SRB/LostOne and any other names I failed to mention :p. For me what kills my experience here is when you have haters that just talk a mess of crap but refuse to provide any reasoning behind their post(s) other than to make someone feel like dogs**t. I feel like this is a great community but needs more active people that come here to learn and share their knowledge instead of coming to just scroll the free boards and bone out or every 8/10 posts are make this for me or fix this for me without even trying themselves.

I will admit I'm extremely guilty of some free requests but I at least stuck around try and help where I can. I'm not saying I'm such a model citizen but I think a lot of us can agree that we get annoyed when a newbie comes in and asks a question or request something be made without hesitation or an attempt. I can understand a lot of you guys being bored here because lack of intelligence because only a hand full (being generous) can hold and advanced programming conversation here, nothing to make you put on your thinking caps.

Now ill end this before I ramble on too much and would just like to thank almost everyone here for all their knowledge that they have directly or indirectly shared with me and hope that it makes you realize the impact that you guys have on most if not all of the people here.

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Haha I remember back at the beginning when even the smallest creations were a HUGE deal to everyone in the community.

And like Dayo said, almost every thread would be packed full of commenters and people discussing every aspect.

I believe my home page was set to criminalexistence.com for a long time as well and many bookmarks were placed lol

There were a lot of good people here back then.

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Honestly this goes both ways. I do remember it as C.E (I have been around a little longer then this account), and my memories involve a lot of the "better" members flooding threads with posts looking down on those less capable. Same happens now just to a less extent because there is less tolerance for questions asked before, and of course those few members seem to have kept the others coming back because people thought MCC wasn't supported elsewhere. I actually remember people claiming they could program MCCodes as if it was its own language.

It's been much less popular since MDshare sold it the first time (not to Mccodes...), and as a result the advertising stopped. I actually think MWG is less MCC orientated then it was when MD sold it.

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Cronus, Arson, Blue, Scarlet, Decepti0n, hamster, Seanybob, Kronow, Spellbyte...

Back in the day, it was great.

The biggest ass of all time here.... Oxidati0n - what a cawk!

Haha, I remember Oxidati0n! He made a brief comeback a couple of years ago claiming to have made some new engine, turns out it was just a modded V1 and then he disappeared again.


Mdshare did a great job with this forum, but judging by his Facebook, he's onto much bigger and better things now. A lot of the people I used to talk to here are gone too, most of those I used to enjoy developing with. Only remaining people I know really are Nick, Spud and Djk. I don't know what the reason is for the decline. It seemed to be quite gradual, I think the forum layout changes had a lot to do with. I loved CE how it was back in the day.

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