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For Sale - District Wars


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District Wars has been re listed for sale!

I feel I've done all I can with it and think someone else could take it through to its full potential.

District Wars is built from MCCodes V1 by myself almost 100%. There have been a few mods I've purchased, but even most of those have been heavily modified.

Available on Flippa: https://flippa.com/2964137-district-wars-text-based-game-with-4-500-uniques-mo-making-1-714-mo

Total Accounts - 1,205

Daily Users - ~30 - 40

Age - 349 Days

Total Income - $18,523

Mods in place:

- Advanced Items, much like V2, but built by myself from the ground up.

- Donator/Credit System

- Hunting System

- XP, Referral, Respect Gained contests

- Ability to set up attacking contests, as well as no jail, free walks, training and XP bonus

- Fully integrated custom pets system built by myself from scratch

- Full automatic Token/crystal lottery

- Marriage System

- Other various mods

Game can be seen active at http://districtwars.net. (Note: The .com domain recently went up for sale)

Misc. Stats:

Alexa Rank - 542,827 (U.S.:219,889)

Backlinks: 28

Google Analytics Stats:

Visits: 7,578

Pageviews: 320,386

Uniques: 3,588

Serious offers only, please. I've put a lot of work and a lot of time into making this a playable and enjoyable text game and I am not willing to just throw it away.

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Re-listed for sale.
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Why would you sell something that makes you 58USD per day?

I really want to see it grow even more. Maybe move on to another project.

And frankly, I'm out of ideas for where to take it.

I started creating DW out of passion for the gametype. I think it's just time I moved on.

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Can you provide proof of earnings please?

I never had any kind of official trackers put in place as I don't know that I expected it to do what it has, but here are screens of the donation tracker in game as well as some recent PayPal activity.




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This is definitely one of the nicer looking games I've seen from a user around here. You are definitely doing really well with it financially, and I'm still quite baffled by your decision to sell. What do you mean by full potential? In 280 days you've amassed over $16,000 which is amazing. The problem with many games is longevity and I honestly think if you kept it going you'd continue to see a steady rise. That being said I wish you all the luck in selling it.

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Is any sort of advertising being done? Or have you done any at all?

And how many new users do you see per day on average?

It looks like your site has its fair share of active users and traffic, I'm interested in how it's been built up.

That's one interesting thing and one area that, with the right person behind it, could make it explode into something even better.

Advertising has been very minimal. Some Fiverr gigs to start out. A few banner placements and voting sites.

The majority of our activity so far stems from word of mouth. Lots of referral traffic from the players.

The amount of new users fluctuates. Again, with minimal advertising, a lot has come in spurts of 10 or so when someone new likes what they see and brings some friends.

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Is finding a partner(s) out of the question? You have a great site earning alot of money but need someone to step in and take it the extra mile but surely a partner can bring this rather than just selling.

I'm really looking to put my time into my next project. Perhaps try something with Alain's engine.

I like to push myself and learn new things. When I decided I wanted to create DW, I knew pretty much nothing. (Some may recall my extremely basic questions.)

The challenge for DW, as it seems will happen with most MC styled games, is gone for me. It's time for me to move on.

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  • 2 months later...
I was comparing it.

Comparing a game making a reported $640 a month to a game making over $1,700 a month. Right.

The price tag is extremely generous. Verified analytics show only about 7% of traffic coming from searches.

With real advertising, membership could explode.

Personally, I know nothing about advertising and I'm full tilt into my next project, so I'm only interested in making the sale. Otherwise, you can be sure a much more in depth-valuation would have taken place.

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