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  1. That's weird! Here's what I see on https://makewebgames.io/messenger/:
  2. I'd like to get my game moving a little bit again and would like to hire someone to work on my game. Please see the below for details:
  3. I still have mobile mafia, a game that I've barely touched for a few years. It would be fun to play with it again, but as I haven't touched PHP in forever I'd like to get some (paid) help. The first thing I'd like someone to do is to change the game so that I'm not dependent on the cron scripts. Something like this: Please shoot me a message if this is something you can do, and include an estimate of the cost. My game isn't very far from mccode v2.
  4. I just reset my password and I had no idea what to answer there. Had to refresh to get another question :P
  5. Hey, did you finish this? :)
  6. dnenb

    Social Integration

    If the player is alright with it I don't see that it could hurt. I use it just for login in my games, but I plan to expand with the other ideas wrux mentioned initially. I think rewarding players who share their accoplishments on facebook will pay off in the form of new players.
  7. I recommend Asana or Trello.
  8. dnenb

    My Game Project

    Yeah I was thinking "what did I just install an extension or something? this can't be the domain!". It's cool after the intial reaction tho :P
  9. dnenb

    My Game Project

    Dude that domain freaked me out. But I like the look of the game :)
  10. If your point is that random number generators aren't really random then it won't help anything to do it twice (shuffle->random). Keep it simple and use rand(). Most mccode games doesn't have the userbase to make server load a big issue anyway.
  11. Cool idea! I'm going to use it when you finish it :)
  12. What kind of earnings do you expect for £2,000? How big of a userbase? I ask because 1) a general rule is websites sell for 10x monthly revenue, and 2) it's hard to get players to text based games.
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