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Do you listen to music when coding?


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Its something which I couldn't used to be able to do as It would be very distracting but over the years I have started to listen to music while I code, personally I like to listen to some really powerful metal/rock tracks to get me in the mood haha! Bands like Trivium, Billy Talent, Foo Fighters usually are good listens.

I was just wondering what anyone else listens to on here? Curious about other peoples music tastes! :)

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I listen to anything really, here's a list, there's a lot...

Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Within Temptation, 3 Doors Down, Seether, Slayer, GnR, 70s Elton John, Evanescence, Sex Pistols, Billy Idol, Stevie Nicks, The Cranberries, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Santana.

Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Dirty Youth, Theory of a deadman, Motorhead, Europe, The Runaways, Joan Jett.

Twisted Sister, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi ( urm one song ), Kid Rock, Adam and the Ants, Alice Cooper, Journey, Starship, Bon Iver, Birdy, Tracy Chapman, Goo Goo Dolls ( purely "iris" ), Patti Smith, Blondie.

The Pretty Reckless, Shania Twain, Ellie Goulding, Nina Nesbitt, Janet Devlin's XFator audition ( It's in my playlist for a certain someone, you know who you are ), The Smiths, Adele, Shakespear's Sisters.

Lily Allen, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus ( shoot me, I like "The Climb" ), Roxette, Richard Marx, Bonnie Tyler, Juliet Simms, The Script, Icon for Hire, Paloma Faith, Transivision Vamp, Buzzcocks, The Undertones.

The Stranglers, The Jam, The Beatles, The Who, Fleetwood Mac.

By that: You'll see mostly rock.

There is a few that aren't rock/country, and are far from what I'd normally listen to.

Becky G, Cher Lloyd, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj

In my playlist, there is also the entire soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show, but but... okay I like RHPS so much I have in my playlist, sue me.

Bold: Ones that get played oveeer and ovvvveeeeeer again.

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As a professional musician, I can't help but listen (and sing to) music, no matter what I'm doing!

DJK will probably remember that I wouldn't shut up when I want to visit him a couple of years ago xD

It's all good, I do remember the choice of song was usually "Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi".

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My musical tastes change quite often as it is. Though when it comes to coding, I like to listen to something a bit slower, something more relaxing and something that doesn't make focus too much on a song -- which as a guitarist, happens quite a lot. xD!

I tend to lean towards Doom Metal, but it can change, some days I'll feel like listening to something a bit faster and more technical like Nile, other days I'd rather listen to trip hop or perhaps ambience. :)

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