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  1. Hedge

    Update - June 2019

    So....Ullr and its lack of, well anything really. Unfortunately life got in the way not long after the 'release' of Ullr and it took a while to get back on track. Once I had, this place was a little lost itself. I'm stoked MWG is back, I've learn a lot from here over the years and its always had a great community. I have actually been working on redeveloping Ullr the past month as I've missed playing the games I grew up playing. I've read the comments left and clearly there was at least 1 major issue (and who knows how many other problems, as that 1 was like a toll booth at the start of a highway and I forgot to bring cash) so i've been remaking it from the ground up. Another week and hopefully i'll be able to put the new version up for anyone whos interested.
  2. Hedge

    About Ullr Game Engine

    While sorting a Demo site, i've run across a few problems myself. Ill be working on these over the week and the code is now on github so that people can make pull requests if they find problems and fix them.
  3. Hedge

    Ullrge v1.0

      Moved. Original post updated.
  4. Hedge

    Ullrge v1.0

    This is something I will do in the next day or two as your the second person to suggest it, Dave being the other.
  5. Hedge

    Ullrge v1.0

      Thanks for pointing that out, I'll see what i can do to improve on that. also, i'll get a demo set up asap.
  6. Hedge

    About Ullr Game Engine

    Good question, not one I can really answer at present as I haven't tested it in other versions of PHP. To be honest it wasn't even something that crossed my mind until your question. So for now, I recommend a min of 5.5 , that's whats running on my system. I will look into testing in older versions to see what will support it.
  7. This is the official demo plugin - Crime. Although this is an basic working plugin that will be fine in a game, it is more to explain how a plugin works for people wanting to make their own. Everything is commented throughout the plugin to explain how it works. Not sure how to install it? http://makewebgames.io/forum/game-engines/ullr/375571-plugin-tutorial crime v1.0.zip
  8. Hedge

    Plugin Tutorial

    Installing a Plugin - 1. If your plugin is zipped, unzip it. 2. Place the plugin into the plugin folder. root > application > plugin > HERE 3. Open your database and run any SQL queries that came with the plugin. Delete these from the plugin once completed. Thats it! the plugin is installed. At this stage its best to check if the plugin author has left any other instructions. There maybe settings which need changed before you run it for the first time. Important Information: * You cannot have two plugins with the same name. If you try to add a plugin with the same name as one already installed, the old one will be over written. So remove the old before you add the new. Creating a Plugin - I suggest you use the official Ullr Crime plugin as a base for any new plugin you want to create. All the file structure is already setup for you and the code is heavily commented so you know what each thing does. 1. Create the basic file structure. (if not using another plugin to copy over) For the following xxx will represent the plugin name. Everything must be in lowercase.   xxx > controller > xxx.php model > xxxmodel.php view > index.php information.txt   2. Create the controller, this is the xxx.php file in the controller folder.   <?php class Xxx extends Controller { function __construct() { parent::__construct(); if ($this->UserModel->is_logged_in() != true) {header('Location:'.URL.'home');exit();} } public function index() { require HEADER; require PLUGIN . 'xxx/view/index.php'; require FOOTER; } } ?>   This is very basic example of a plugin. This will first check that a user is logged in, if not they are directed to the external homepage. If they are logged in they will be shown the main page of the plugin. The display part of the plugin is called the view. 3. Create the model.   <?php class XxxModel { function __construct($db) { try { $this->db = $db; } catch (PDOException $e) { exit('Database connection could not be established.'); } } } ?>   The model links the plugin to the database. All database interactions take place in this file. As our controller is only going to display HTML, this model is empty. 4. Create the view.   <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-4 col-sm-4 col-xs-6"> <h1>Hey! im a Plugin.</h1> </div> </div>   The header and footer has been called in the controller, so we only need to show things directly about the plugin itself. 5. Create the information.txt file. This file explains what the plugin is and who made it.   /------------------/ PLUGIN INFORMATION PLUGIN NAME: Xxx DESCRIPTION: Displays a message. AUTHOR: Ullr VERSION: V1.0 DATE CREATED: 22 Feb 2016 DATE UPDATED: No Updates Yet PAYMENT: Free /------------------/ UPDATE / CHANGE LOG No updates yet /------------------/   So Now you have a basic plugin created. Time to add some depth to it and create something awesome. Use the demo/crime plugin to help you out. Helpful Information: To access a model fucntion, use the following -   $this->XxxModel->function_name();   Note: You cannot access other plugin models.   Important Information: * The name you choose for you plugin must stay the same throughout the entire plugin. * All file names need to be in lowercase. * Controller class name needs to have a capital first leter. * The first function in your controller needs to be 'index', any others can be named anything. * Model class name needs to have a capital first letter with 'Model' joined to the end. * The Model functions can be named anything you like.   I will improve these instructions when and where ever possiable. Feel free to comment helpful additions as you get to grips with the engine.
  9. Hedge

    Ullrge v1.0

    It has been suggested by a few people, so the code has been moved to GitHub. You can find it @ https://github.com/H3dgey/Ullrge
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n375567[/ATTACH]           What is the Ullr Game Engine? Simply, its a engine to develop a text based RPG game. Ullr is not an out of the box game, work will need done before you could launch a game. Ullr has been made with the MakeWebGames community in mind. This is it's official home where you'll be able to find Updates, Help and Plugins. The engine consists of 2 main parts - The Core, which handles everything and has the main functions built into it. The Plugins - These are what turns your copy of Ullr from an engine into a Game! The engine is built upon a few main things. PHP, SQL (at this stage just MySQL), Bootstrap and an MVC structure. Whats is the Core? The core is made using an Model View Controller structure which handles all the requests in and out of the engine. It holds all the main functions that a large variety of plugins will need to use to transfer information between the engine and a plugin. What can the Engine do? Currently the engine has the ability to - register an user, approve their account via email, let them login where they will be greeted with the internal Homepage. From there its up to the plugins you install. The engine also stores the main parts to a users account - Personal Information, Stats (ie. Strength, Speed, Health, etc.) and currency. (More may be added if there is a need across the engine for it). The Plugins - This is where you really start to make a difference. ​Installing Plugins is as simple as 1,2,3. 1. Drop the plugin into the plugin folder of the engine. 2. Add any SQL. 3. Add a link/s to the game so your users can access it. The means that a plugin does not need to rely on anything but the engine to work. Creating a plugin is slightly harder, but that will be explained in its own thread. Ullr comes with two plugins pre-installed to get you going. Profile - This can either display a users profile through a link or the user can edit their own profile information. The second is a Crime plugin and demo. It is heavily commented in the code so that you can get an understanding of how plugins work. With this plugin, the user can commit a crime using energy and if they are successful gain experiance in return. If they fail the crime, they loose the energy. Then on the admin side, an admin can add, edit or delete crimes for users to commit. This plugin is ment to be simple to show you how it works. Design - The layout of the front end of the engine uses a simple structured design and bootstrap to implement it. This means you just add your own styling to the custom css sheets and the entire look is changed. Because the design is completely separate from any logic code, it also means that you can add your own template and it wont break the engine. This can be as easy as dropping your template into the correct folder and changing 1 line of code in the cofig file. None of that going through every file business. Updates, how will they work? updates will now be through github. Where to for Ullr? I will continue to make Ullr better and develop a few plugins to go with it. I'd like this to very much be a community driven engine, and i'll be taking on board every bit of advice or criticism. Updates will be as regular as possible to the core, so again i'd urge you not to change anything in the core apart from the *.custom.css sheets and any Views. Those will be removed from updates so you can have your own style/design. Cost? Free , but feel free to send me a donation if you want, https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc...=979GQB4HL3T8G GitHub - https://github.com/H3dgey/Ullrge Hopefully you find it a valuable tool in creating your next game. Hedge Disclaimer: Coding is a hobby for myself, I do it for fun, somewhere in between full time work, 2 kids and life. This means my code my not be up to par, I try to keep up with changes but I know I'm definitely behind in some places. If you notice something that's not done right, please bring it to may attention. I may not know its wrong or I may not even know about something at all.
  11. Im not familiar with Panther but do you have mod_rewrite enabled?
  12. So im trying to figure out what license i should attach to my soon to be released game engine. Problem is, its confusing as hell. I've read everything i can find, but i'm just not sure what i should be going with to cover myself in the best way. Hopefully some of you have some experience or knowledge with licenses and can point me in the right direction. What the license to include/cover- Game engine. I want to release it for free, but retain the full rights to it. I would like to allow - use of engine for private/commercial use | modifying the engine for your own use | I would like to disallow - selling the engine, whether original or modified (if a complete game is sold, then they would sell the template/domain/plugins etc but the engine would be free). Is there a license that covers this? can/should i write my own? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks [MENTION=69670]Script47[/MENTION], once there is something more substantial i'll put up some screenshots. As its an engine as opposed to a game, theres only a basic foundation template.
  14. I figured regular updates, even if they are only small, is the best was to keep anyone following this informed. So far here is where the project is at - Completed: - Model/View/Controller Structure & Routing - Landing Page - Registration - Login / In-Game Landing Page - Language System using JSON - Plugin System Definite Too Add: - LESS/SASS - Gameplay Dynamics - User Settings / Profile Page - Admin Section - Example Plugin Apart from those listed, everything else (i.e. jail, inventory, etc..) will become a plugin. Plugins I Plan To Include: - Inventory - Hospital - Mail Possible Plugins To Be Included: - Chat Well thats all i have for now, will update again when i have completed some more.
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