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Thinking of buying mccodes


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i am thinking of buying mccodes but i realise it will be a waste of money unless i have someone who will help me every step of the way. I can fully install the scripts myself and have the game running but i get stuck at setting up cron_jobs. Anyone keen to partner up with me?

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@Tysoon - Can you provide evidence?

@Thread - McCodes, although people are against it, there are actually many games that are successful. The key is to make your game to stand out from the rest, so I would advise instead of going ahead and purchasing it, plan your project out.

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I dont need to provide proof, ask peter w3theory, he hates me, but he knows exactly what ben did with me, i hired him to code/design a new layout and he posted on the forums offering to pay people for them to fix errors/ intergrate it for him

He falsely advertised that he could FULLY intergrate/code/ design a template/layout with ease..


And, failed to do so, peter will back me up that ben nash is a complete fraud.

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I would say its 50/50 lol money waste but again you can be successfull with it its only a waste of money when you dont know what to do with it its successfull when you have unique ideas and a different way of using it meaning you can create something that stands out amongst others like sniko said




Dont team up with ben nash, he is well known for being a crook and a scam artist.

He wants to help him setup the crons up or guide him through it if he is a scammer which i dont know im sure the person requiring the help wont be stupid to give him access to files also its crons his asking for so i dont see how he can get scammed unless he does gives him access to Panel without knowing him properly

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>how to setup crons then just follow these steps<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1)Install the whole mccodes

2)Once installed you will get a installation complete page

3)On the page will be crons/curls/code at the bottom

4)in your cPanel just enter the crons page and set them up the Crons might look something like 0 5 * * * curl:<link to your game>code=<code> just copy the whole curl into the command box and the numbers and stars before the curl just do the same copy them into the boxes in order given


If you know hwo to do crons but are saying they are not working then find out with your host hope that helps!

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1) Install McCodes

2) Set up the database (using mysql accounts)

3) Copy the data from dbdata.txt into the game database - using phpmyadmin

4) Open config.php and put the correct information into the array

5) In config.php, copy the code ("code" => "<this code here>"

6) Start from modernmafiia step 3

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MCCodes is a good way to learn the basics of php if you don't already know them.

I would say go ahead and buy if you are serious about trying to make your own game.

There are many users of the MCCode engine and many mods out there to make your game into anything you want.

Don't be discouraged by the many people here who simply hate MCCode.

The code isn't the best, and there may be a few bugs(not sure how many are left in 2.0.3 now that they have been fixing them), but the community behind the engine almost entirely makes up for it. I don't think you will find another text based rpg engine with such support.

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With all due respect dont listen to cronus lmao he built his life off MCcodes...You dont need a huge community full of people using junk codes to help you learn...Mc doesnt teach you the basics on how to code, it teaches you the basic, intermediate, AND advanced on how NOT to code, how never to code, and how never to be original...The best 3 Mccodes sites in the world couldnt match up to the worse fully original coded website. Sims engine is great I have seen the coding and trust me his engine will def blow Mccodes out of here...His engine is OOP based and also uses a template system the almost fully separates his over all design from his logic...Mc doesn't function even 5% as well as sims engine. People continue to so "but mccodes has a community". LMAO if mccodes where any good it wouldn't NEED a community to make it "appear" good. While its always good to have help, sims codes stand alone but there are still coders who would be willing to help you with it.

And dont think I am just taking up for sim since he is part of my team or he is a friend or anything like that lol honestly until a few days ago I could only go on the last codes I saw from him and I thought he was pretty bad. His engine shows what he can really do and its a very nice product. I would recommend it 100%.

Honestly I just strongly recommend staying away from Mccodes. Those people telling you to use it and it not that bad sorry to say it just means their not to good or their Stevie wonders grandchild...Either way steer clear and good luck on choosing a proper engine...

I've done my fair share of bashing MCCodes, however I generally agree with Cronus.

It may not be the best thing in the world, but it sure has helped a lot of people (in more ways than just developing) so there is no denying, MCCodes has a place in the PBBG community, whether it has it's place for much longer is entirely up to the team and what they produce next time round.

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Its helped its fair share of people achieve what exactly? This is a new day and age and past success stories no longer apply. Its noble of you to see the good but for the future of a possible great programmer you should be making people aware of the bad...Yea back in the day it passed for good since there werent alot of people better than it but now Mc, era is over. No "serious" programmer would be caught with an Mc website nor would they want it...To fix all the crap thats wrong with mc they would be faster building a site from scratch. Mc has helped quit a few people but no one has a torn city from it. Mc doesnt deserve to keep making money off crap that wont go anywhere...if they want to continue filling their wallets they need to step their game up by far with v3...hopefully thats some good. But Mc is a terrible start point and there is no being original with it, its limited and everything known to man has basically been done to it already...Its come from heaven, died and went to hell now its currently walking the underworld in the obis waiting to be resurrected with v3 which I doubt will happen still but meh. I would say this is just my opinion but in reality its fact, show me 1 mccode site with over 70% of the players active thats been around more than 2 years and there may be an argument lol. Even the best sites ive seen with mc have like 20k ppl with max 200 - 500 active IF that. But my word doesnt have to be taken its not hard at all to do the research...Google reveals all.

So recently (less than a year or two), indirectly and directly lets see.

MCCodes have got a few people jobs (whether it be working on a MCCodes game, or working for MCCodes) = good.

MCCodes have brought a few new people to this community = good.

MCCodes has sparked up disscussions, that help improve the code of MCCodes and the forum members' knowledge = good.

MCCodes has allowed people to make new friends whilst playing MCCodes games = good.

MCCodes provide us with this community (they pay the costs to run this place) = good.

MCCodes apparently are working on a new version and are patching the older versions = good (we shall see when it happens but for now it's a good thing)

A game does not need to have thousands of users to be considered a success, generally speaking if your game can sustain itself it's a success.

As for everything being done with it, is that going to change with doing it from scratch? Maybe, but whatever you can do from scratch you can do with MCCodes (generally speaking, language dependent, impratical or not).

MCCodes is still relevant, and it is still useful, maybe it's of no use to you, but it is still useful to some.

As for making people see the bad, we have done everyone knows of it's flaws, we've made no attempt to hide this fact, in fact half the fun of making games (and anything really) is debugging and fixing flaws, it enhances your skills.

End of the day, if you want to experience what it's like owning a game, try MCCodes as I cannot think of another engine that has the same amount of support like MCCodes (I am talking about us here at MWG, not MCCodes 'official' support), if it's not for you pick something else, simple.

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I bout mccodes just about a month ago and that was the first time I have ever even looked at a php file and just looking over them and talking to another mccode game owner and people in these forums I have learned quite a bit in this short of time. I am in no way saying im a "coder" or any of that jazz since most my mods come from here and this place offers a lot of mods along with a lot of help with your mods. So for inexperianced people like myself take it from me its a good start

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With all due respect dont listen to cronus lmao he built his life off MCcodes...

This is the only part of any of your posts I really care to respond to.

I actually ran another online business for a year or so that had over 200,000 active users and made a little under 6 figures in 6 months.

I've also ran many other sites, Non-MCCode related, obviously.

Guess how I originally learned to code? MCCodes.

It isn't set up the best way it could be(nor is the code even indented properly), but it gets the job done and supplies you with the basics.

I have run MCCode games before (2 or 3) and all of them have been profitable.

MCCode games CAN be worth the time and can easily pull in $10k+ profits a year, if you know what you are doing.

However that is a huge IF, most people don't.

Saying "he built his life off of MCCodes" is just a flat out ignorant statement.

I do have a service that sells mods, it makes me a few dollars here and there, it is just a hobby of mine.

I will eventually make another game, but again, just as a hobby for some extra $$.

The community completely makes the engine what it is and if the community wasn't here, the engine would be nothing.

The best part of the engine is you can find plenty of help on the web if you need it.

MCCodes is a great BASE engine. You should never simply stick to the original script, but it is an excellent starting point as it has most of the basic functions you would need.

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McCodes is a great engine if you know what you're doing. My original projects were hopeless and just a little bit of fun, along with being huge learning curves. Yet once I managed to achieve a better understanding of it all I was making huge returns from McCodes.

It can be worth it if you have some business and programming knowledge!

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CoLA... lol, i completely forgot about that.

Yeah that was a project myself and arson started within the first few months of us learning to code.

Thats why it was so terrible. I would not suggest ever using it for anything, ever.

I don't even have a copy of it anymore, nor do I want one lol

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Okay, I am not going to reply to any of your points made, as I don't think I can compete with the amount of cursing and sound effects.

I just have one question, has MCCodes done anything specifically wrong to you, or do you just like to bash other people's work, whilst promoting your team members work?

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Hey I dont recommend using mccodes, while there are some successful games using Mccodes I doubt any of them are any good a programming. Take away their mc and you just ended their career right there. Mccodes does more damage than good. There is no making mccodes original. They have been out so long everything has been done before somewhere, and those really really good ideas that may not have been done you dont wanna waste them on Mccodes. I can point you in the right direction as far as learning to program your own site from scratch...but mc is terrible on so many levels you should steer clear of it.

Im a little confused here with your post, I thought you arent too good with mccodes:


Im not to sure about mccodes but maybe try this

$m = $db->query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `userid` = '".$ir['married']."' LIMIT 1");

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