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So I just wanted to start this fun topic about Aliens I want to know everyone's opinion on them and the classified documents that was released I've always believed in Aliens more like I want them to be real more then anything my thought process is we don't know how far space goes and it would be stupid to think we are the only species that evolved to this point even if there are cavemen type species or animal type species somewhere in the universe I don't think it's to out there to assume that lol I'm just bored at home sick wanting to start up a fun thread no comments here will be looked down on

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Humans are stupid. Period.

We can accept that there is life-form deep in oceans, since only 5% of the worlds oceans have been explored, which probably look like fish with no eyes, since darkness at that level cannot be illuminated.

Somehow, we try to not accept there could be another life-form in an area millions of times the size?

Humans are stupid? We are literally killing ourselves. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. We know what's damaging the planet and killing it slowly, but we persist.

I'd like to think if there are other inhabitants of this giant black void we all live in, that they are smarter than us at least - perhaps so much smarter that they do not wish to touch base with us.


For all anybody knows, the "aliens" we think about are just us. Imagine if reincarnation was a thing, and upon your death, you are taken to the next step of a pre-determined path through the solar system, that includes living on another planet. Similar to levelling up in a platform game or something.

Nobody can tell you it does not happen, with any serious conviction, just as I could never prove that is something that does, or could possible, happen.


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It's not even that humans are stupid. Which they are. It's mainly the hubris in thinking that we're the only intelligent species out there, it's insanely arrogant of people to assume that. I have no doubt that in the infinite cosmos there is intelligent life out there.

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Smart man @SRB, Have you ever looked into the honeycomb theory? The reason we don't accept it is because of religion, They all believe it will mess up our religion god created us in his image blah blah,Well who's image was animals created in? I grew up in a Christian family and I believe in God just not everything that's said in the Bible, I believe God created us to make our own choices, and he isn't a hateful God and aslong as we don't do anything extremely bad and he knows deep down we are good people he wouldn't pass harsh judgement, Anyway I'm getting a little off topic, What the Pentagon has released I believe is only a very very small fraction of what they really know, The crash that was reported by newspapers and later covered up happened and since then our technology has come so far it's strange to me, One thing we do know is we have seen flying objects that are way better then anything the US government could make today I think within 20 years we will find out a little about what's happening and our place in the universe.

@Veramysexactly we would be so stupid to assume that, They deem people crazy for believing in that,But when people like Elon Musk say we're living in a simulation people run with it.


@Sim allow it bro I'm only young lol I'm trying now but I think it will only make me look more stupid by messing up

Deep in our DNA, The thought of Aliens for some reason doesn't scare us at all. We are ready to know these things, But sadly won't ever find out until a journalist does the investigation and calls out the government like what happened with the last release of information. All religions say they're waiting for the return of someone, in many ancient paintings there are photos of what appears to be flying saucers. In one of the pyramids the pharor < (I know has not the right spelling sorry lol) he said he has a flying saucer of some sort we have used technology to see if something is really down there, And to our surprise something is down there we just don't know what. I find all this stuff very interesting I would love to see everyone's opinions and any thoughts about Aliens I have a open mind and want to learn.

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On 1/29/2022 at 12:31 PM, BlindersCity said:


They also had a place in the Pentagon specifically for investigating these things and yeah we're prepared for a war with aliens lol

Military here, trust me that’s false. 

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