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Hey so I'm 14 I'm limited to just my mobile (it's a cheap 100$ one) I've played these games since 12 Torn / Chaotic wars my dream is to own a game but currently I don't have enough $$ next month I'll be old enough to start working to save for a new laptop, if anyone would be kind enough to code a game and use a free hosting/domain service and give it to me I would be forever great full and any donator pack sales you can keep 100% until I have enough to pay you for the codes so all the donator pack money + what you think the codes are worth I know this is a big ask but someone please help me have my dreams come true 

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I can 100% prove my age my idea is mafia themed I want something like Torn city / Prison Struggle somewhere in the middle of them two I want a side bar on the right side that shows top 3 players and top 3 gangs I want to prioritise gangs and introduce gang explorers so the stats doesn't effect the gangs to much you just need to be fast enough to go into your inventory click the bomb and add the ID, I also want a working bookies system and poker table for ingame currency I've spoken to my dad about this idea he is willing to lend me 40 Australian dollars to get into it my dad is very old and doesn't trust Bitcoin/PayPal so I'm just trying to figure out how to go about it this is my dream I just lack the recourses to do it (No computer) but I really really want to learn I'm willing to join calls and have lessons with anyone kind enough to help thanks for the replies everyone means a lot 🙂 @CrazyElk @Canjucks @Samurai Legend

Also monthly donator pack prizes for top gangs to keep people focused on the gang side of things

Any engine is fine

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