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Chaotic Survival


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Hello MWG! 

I'm writing this as Chaotic Survival has reached its first milestone (for me anyway). Chaotic Survival has been publically released to the world for 1 month now! 

You can read my first original post (in beta) here: https://makewebgames.io/topic/27520-my-first-survival-engine


Since the release, Chaotic Survival got 200 players within first month (a milestone I set for myself)with plenty new features and updates from before beta. Please see them below.


Player Vending Machines: (players can swap their items for other items via their vending machines)



Recycling Center: (players can recycle their non-used items and get materials and components from them to craft newer items)



Research Lab: (players research their items to enable them to be crafted by themselves)




Dark Mode: (my first ever attempt at a dark mode so may require more work. I don't use dark mode myself any suggestions would be appreciated)



Hall of Fame: (shows all players in some categories and their position, also highlights your position)



Some more updates/features without screenshots:

Survivor triggered airdrops - players can now also call in their own airdrops to gain the special loot. (game triggered airdrops are every 4 hours)

You can now die and lose all backpack items if your food levels are not kept above 1.



Thank you for reading and showing support in my other thread! 


Website: https://www.chaoticsurvival.com

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/chaotic-survival/id1501613131

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.chaoticsurvival&hl=en&gl=US


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