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I was talking to one of the new owners of GRPG Adam Hull and asked him some questions which I thought would give us an idea of what the work they're doing will be like. All the Bold text is Adam's answers and the italic text is my questions. If the staff feel as though this should be stickied please stick it.

[17:48:24] adam hull: The development on GRPG is going to be constant and not a one off. At the minute it is just me and nsc working on the engine, but we would like to eventually expand the development team. The engine will cost people to download. But people who have the current version will get a discount on the upgraded version of the script. We are currently working on rebuilding the engine with custom hashing on registering, rewriting a lot of the coding inside the engine and tidying up the codes we are keeping, which won't be a lot. The engine will be built in MySQLi and OOP securing the script to the best we can, thus running extensive testing before release. The script will be written on single files for the first release but on further updates hoping to bring modules to the script for easier updating and installing mods. We have thegrpg.com domain currently running Wordpress with a forum plugin and a plugin allowing users to download the script and pay via PayPal, we will be using Wordpress until we can find a better way to do it. We want to build a strong community for all the users. Any thing else you would like to know ?

[17:51:25] Script47: Will there be a free stripped down version for the developers? So like a NWE which comes with the core and then developers can use that to make modules.

[17:52:35] adam hull: Yes there will be a free developers version

[17:55:33] Script47: Will it be a general game engine where developers can mould there own game or will it be fixed to a certain genre?

[18:02:18] adam hull: Grpg was very based towards crime and other things but we are taking it back to being a blank canvas so devs can edit it and change the genre

[18:03:56] Script47: Will there be a proper community forums for GRPG users/developers? I liked MCCodes Mods website, I believe it was last owned by Ian. Meaning will developers be given a

developers tag showing users in the forum that they're developers? How will said developers be picked?

[18:29:23] adam hull: As of us having a very limited forum at the minute until we find another more useful forum engine there will not be any tags. But the forum we have in place will be changed before mainstream release, devs will be chosen by there knowledge of web development, trust worthiness through out the community and people who are willing to be hard working

[18:30:32] Script47: How will existing game owners be able to receive patches to the engine if they have a game running already? Meaning will you incorporate something like NWE where it will let you update modules through the admin panel?

[18:33:38] adam hull: For the time being all patches and updates will be available to download through out the domain the grpg.com but when we release the module version of the engine then yes they will be able to update through the admin panel

[18:44:33] Script47: What will the architecture be like? Meaning will it just be simple files? Modular? MVC? Custom? If custom please explain further.

[18:46:27] adam hull: In the first message I stated that the first release it would be simple files but with further updates bring modular into the engine to make it easier for clients to add mods into their games

[18:48:13] Script47: What future plans (if any) do you have with the engine? Meaning will you stick with this engine and rebuild its repuatation all over again? As you might know this engine has had a lot owners so the code base isn't very stable and there are so many versions of it.

[18:54:42] adam hull: We plan on sticking with the engine and making the reputation the best it has been. Yes the engine has had a lot of owners and grant said he had v1 ready to release which was no where near ready and had only wrote about ten files for the new version. We would love the engine to take off and for game owners to enjoy coding on the engine. With the engine being unstable me and nsc both are checking the coding of the files and making sure that they are genetic and the same as each other's meaning that there will not be different styles within the engine. The long term plan is to work together and with help of the Dev team we will be creating , will be to take the engine to the next level ensuring we are always staying with the new security features. If a bug is to be found within the script and we have been notified we would hope to realise the patch within 24hours. The updates will be constant.

[18:55:43 | Edited 18:56:11] Script47: How do people contact you for support? Is there any official lines of communication, as I've understood that GRPG has never really been clear with who owns it etc. So will there be an official site like MCC and NWE? I know currently you have a blog and the forums but they don't seem to have a login/register from what I've seen.

[19:19:22] adam hull: the login and register is coming soon and there will be support forums and support tickets and hopefully live chat for support

[19:20:17] Script47: Second to last question, when will the patch be released or will you be doing one big release and if so, when will you release an ETA or information about it.

[19:22:05] adam hull: Information will be released hopefully next month we do not have a eta yet as we want to make sure everything is done and good before we announce a date

[19:23:43] Script47: Last question, I think that the reason people lost hope in GRPG is because developers don't keep their users up to date on what is going on and the communication is generally bad. So how often do you plan on releasing a blog and what sort of topic will you talk about? And how strongly will you follow user input?

[19:27:20] adam hull: We plan on releasing a blog between every two weeks to every month the topics will change depending what is happening wether it's to do with security or what we are doing to the engine. User input is very good for this industry and if a user has a good valid point then we would take it to vote with the rest of the community and if they agree we would implement these ideas

[19:28:28] Script47: Thanks for your time buddy, that should be quite helpful for MWG users. I shall make a thread and I'm sure they'll be able to use it as a temp FAQ. :)

[19:28:52] adam hull: thanks its been a pleasure :)

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Thought I would write a little update for everyone [MENTION=69001]Zettieee[/MENTION] , yes classes are staying but will be rewrote and new classes added, itempedia is staying and the one page load is staying. Everything else will be getting rewrote.

To make the engine more admin friendly, I am in the process of making a settings class which will allow the admin to easily change prices on things e.g creating a gang.

Being able to change the energy,exp and gains from jail, mug, etc which will be available via the admin panel for easy of access.

Also this version of grpg will come as standard with a forum prebuilt into the engine. I will create a blog on this site at some point so I can update everyone on the progress and some little teasers :)

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