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  1. The original prisonstruggle got me hooked many years ago. Man that was fun back in the day. Torn just because it was so well polished a game.
  2. hahah i had a mate who owned hackforums.net that had a good hack tutorial. (actually he still does own it, gday Omni if you read this.) Cant be bothered to remember the link though but if you can it might be worth your time.
  3. How does facebook spam survive here yet that very amusing sniko thread gets hijacked? Shame on you mods shame.
  4. Yea im with Kyle here. Email activation is a must. I would also block proxy registration. As much as possible anyway. Perhaps block domains that offer throw away emails or temp emails also. But most importantly i would send out a mass mail to the players of the game and ask them to report anyone doing that. Perhaps even give your player base an incentive to do so. Like a small reward to the first person to report someone doing this. If you are an honest admin then you have very little to worry about. If you are infact a scammer and have pissed off players then you will never stop it.
  5. Your so lucky i dont run this site spammers! There would be no way i would let you get away with this. And before all you wankers say some smart ****. I ran VBulletin for years and perfected a method of stopping these pricks.
  6. Well sniko has been here and replied to other threads hahahahaa.

    Scam Alert

    Pretty obvious scam i thought. Way to many capitals and spelling mistakes. I religiously check all emails for the correct send address. Even then i dont use email links to go anywhere ever. If it was paypal i would just go to paypal manually. I find it interesting, if i was to pretend to be someone else to scam money in real life i would be in deep crap however these people online seem to get away without a care in the world.
  8. Vbulletin does this and its easy enough to get around. Look at the nulled versions of that! And they have a big team to deal with such issues yet they cant stop people tampering with the script. If a domain did infact have the engine and no licence what would you then do? If 100 domains had the engine without the licence file what would you do? You could easily spend more time trying to take down the sites than its worth to sell the engine. And lets face it, taking down the site is not that easy. I had issues with a MAJOR website hahahha. Wont get into who or why but they tried to take down one of my websites. (Nothing stolen or anything like that rather i caught them with there pants down and made it public) After a few months of failing they gave up.
  9. Spam, spam and more spam.
  10. Well bios does not rely on the drivers windows will be using and it uses generic ones that do actually work for nearly every monitor. What you often find is the pc will show the boot screen or splash screen then as windows boots they loose graphics. Hard to know based on the little info but i do get your point lucky. Thats why i suggested what i did because its a simple way to determine if its a driver issue or a hardware issue. As for accessing bios, well thats pretty easy for most boards.
  11. It did appear by the pictures that he was using an on board graphics and not a separate graphics card. Not that it actually matters now given its working. Still a quick boot to bios would have determined a monitor issue pretty quickly.
  12. I paid $25 to get mine coded for grpg. I thought that was a fair price when i paid, so based on that alone i would imagine this is ok value. Although mine was coded just for my game and not resold, still its a bit of work.... As to an earlier post suggesting that grpg already has this function. WOW i hope not hahahahahaahaha.
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