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    Registered. No validation required.... Ok. Got an email sent to me anyway with what appears to be an attempt to send me my password back? "Dear DAMINK, you are now registered at European Gangsters, you used the ip xx.xxx.xxx.xxx To login, simply go to EuropeanGangsters.com and enter in the following details in the login form: Username: DAMINK Password: Please print this information out and store it for future reference. Thanks," If so then i have a couple of concerns. 1) Are the passwords salted? or secured in any way? 2) Sending info like username and passwords over email is a bad idea. A NO NO infact! Make a recovery form with some sort of token.
  2. 2) In crimes i get .: Important Message :. You have been disabled for 4 days 3) When you try search users that dont exist you get Notice: Undefined property: User::$id in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/profiles.php on line 9 Error That player wasn't found 4) Profiles i get Notice: Undefined property: User::$formattedjob in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/profiles.php on line 222 5) Forums when viewing the test i get Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function accessCheck() in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/forum.php:183 Stack trace: #0 /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/forum.php(44): viewforum(Object(database), Object(User), Object(jbbcode\Parser)) #1 {main} thrown in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/forum.php on line 183 There will be loads of others. One thing beyond everything else that bothers me on that game is the lack of a visible footer. Not sure why it bothers me so much but it does. I find myself trying to scroll down and it feels like the page has died early or broken.
  3. Ok i will look elsewhere thankyou.
  4. I am after someone who can create good cartoon images. I want a series of images so morphing or some sort of animation may be a benefit. Budget is horrible but dependent on ability to some extent. PM me if your after work.
  5. 1) logging in i cant see the name or password. The background goes white in the form area with white text. 2) Incorrect password does not throw an error rather just loops back to login screen. 3) Same forum error as above. 4) I cant seem to see any money? Only points and rubys. Yet i can purchase things from the store for money? 5) Forums.php link in menu is dead. forum.php is already listed in menu. 6) Notice: Undefined index: heal in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/inventory.php on line 87 That was after buying an item and it going to my inventory. You have a bit of work ahead of you mate.
  6. Sorry my mistake. I will get back in my box now.
  7. Who are you talking to? Not me now obviously.
  8. Tried to register but got thrown an error as i posted earlier. Did you address the problem?
  9. Forum fixed. Now more simplified and no errors most importantly.
  10. Other issues it seems with the forum but yea working on it :)
  11. Fixed that. Deleted heaps of database entries and obviously left a couple out before the restart yesterday. Should have used the admin panel to do it but im lazy. Tested and good now.
  12. Sorry, this page doesn't exist. Please check the URL or go back a page. 404 Error. Page Not Found. URL = https://wisecrime.com/authent.php
  13. DAMINK


    I have owned this game for years. Originally v1 GRPG and basically ready to open but never opened it. Just shelved that project. Noticed my favorite games all gone and a few poorly managed ones in there place. Decided at that point to open it. It had been that long infact that when i tried to get the game going again i got loads of errors. Outdated this and outdated that. PDO this and PDO that. Decided i have to address all this before i open it. Put learning hat on and went to work. Quite quickly i worked out there was a v2 engine around. Problem was i cant code. PDO? What the hell is that i found myself asking. A gazillion google searches, stackoverflow become my second home for a time. A million questions later to Bear aka Magictallguy and the game is open and i have a better understanding of how to code. Thankyou Bear!
  14. DAMINK


    https://prisontime.net Some things i have coded for the game thus far. Failmugging -- with early payout, time limits etc. Church -- with various outcomes and hidden things i cant mention. Clean cell -- Which like the church has hidden benefits. Cell Upgrades -- Boosting awake. Gang Wars -- Full gang war system that is growing daily as i add more and more. Gang Crimes -- Every gang needs crimes. New Player Tutorial -- Gives new inmates a few things and a brief rundown on the game. Crimes -- Redone completely with various outcomes, both good and bad. Gym -- New Gym with up-gradable options for easier gym. Visitor Center -- If visited daily the rewards grow. Ratings -- Simple rating system. Friends/enemy -- Simple lists. Profile Comments -- Because everyone likes to annoy one another. FREEZES -- Many ways to get your account frozen automatically for 23 hrs. Plus a manual option for staff if needed. Reports -- Simple system for reporting ads and pms etc. Plus others and more coming. Test account if interested. User = test Pass = makewebgames (please dont change the password) Just another prison based game really. I tried to keep it as real as possible i guess. Im not sure i can say anything special about it except to say its taken me a long time. A few things coded completely by me and many others modified. Likely still some errors floating about i have yet to find but i have been actively trying to iron out any issues. Many things in progress (unavailable within game) and many more planned. I would like some feedback though thus this post.
  15. DAMINK

    Vouch for meh

    I try keep a low profile here normally unless i have had a few sherbets which clearly i did last night! :) I run with the tag DAMINK everywhere. I have been using that name for about 14 years now. That along side FTW as any gang name. Pretty standard stuff for me. As for projects, yes i do have one nearly ready. Hoping to open that in the next week or so, just ironing out some bugs then its go time.
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