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I was going to leave this until I released my game, but with the way things are going at the moment, I get that feeling a lot of you may no longer be here when it is released.


I started looking into making my own game about 5 years ago, which basically stemmed from slowly watching a game I loved playing, die. (Vilecity.com)

Although the community of the game was great, the management of the game let it down, and I figured I could do better.

I started with the basics of html, making a simple static one page website. Then moving into css.

It wasn't until I came across MakeWebGames.Com that I found answers to my questions that I could understand.

Learning to code really was like learning to speak French when all you've know before is English.

It was at this point i started to learn php and mysql. Even today I'm learning something new each day.

Although I haven't had a large voice in this community, I'm here almost everyday.

I read just about everything, even when it doesn't really have anything to do with what I'm focusing on at the time.

This is where the point of all this comes in, most of what i know now, comes down to whats been written in this forum.

Although problems that had been responded to here, might not of given the exact answer, most of the time they were answered in a manner that was understandable and I could then work it out myself.

Granted I don't think I've ever actually posted a problem of my own before (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that one), searching the forum has almost always found the same problem already posted, with helpful replies following it.

So... Thank You to all those who have ever helped me in what ever way it may be, 99% of you will never know that you've even helped me.

Just so it's clear, I don't plan on going anywhere, I just wanted to make sure I put this out there before others disappear.

I shall name those who i know have been of help, but I've been here now for over 3 years, so I know I'm going miss some people out (sorry).

But like i said, if you've ever given a constructive answer to a problem or posted up a free mod (which I've probably pulled apart bit-by-bit to figure out how it works), then include yourself in this Thank You.

Djkanna, Bert, Guest, Dave Macaulay, rulerofzu, sniko, Spudinski, illusions, peter (W3T), HauntedDawg,

Dayo, Lithium, KyleMassacre.........there are lot more, I just can't think of their names at the moment.

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This should be one of the main reasons why we come together as a community on these forums, all these people posting about the forum is dying etc. but posts like this make you see it's not. We just need to get rid of the worthless spammers by deleting them. Simple solution to the forums problems.

Another thing, I know someone of you may be thinking that I'm one of those people that may need to be deleted by I do actually add to the community, I have released free work for people and when people who know less than me come my way I do help them.

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Ok... So your a forum lurker...

You lurker who do you think you are???

No, I'm kidding...

On a serious note, I second most of what he says. I too am guilty of only coming here to read and not write, hoping that there will be a post about something I didn't know in the programming world. The only reason I don't post though is because I'm a bit more secretive. I should probably add on that php & mwg was my gateway to realizing that I wanted to pursue a career in computer science, which i am currently doing, being a part time high school-er part time college goer, and part time worker. (Will be finished with high school this year, so will finally have more time for "On my own projects".)

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@Hedge: I second Guest on his post for seeing my own handle up there! hehe!

@Razor42: On your first paragraph, that has been the way since the beginning, but as chicka already stated, it's not the community itself, but a few users that come and go (usually faster), that drive away the community, with their actions. That and the lack of involvement from the forums owners... well you can figure out where it goes. The fact of releasing work for free, means nothing (my opinion, not meant to criticize). I look at my example, i barely released work, i have helped whenever i felt comfortable, yet i do have my flaws, I'm no coder nor i ever wanted to. I do it for fun and yes the people around here is what makes me return (even if they are as annoying as Guest, always complaining (not lately surprisingly)) (just kidding). I've had my fair share of arguements with a couple users, but at the end of the day, all was good. So in conclusion... yes the forum is dying, the community tries to make a hold on them, but with no feedback/appearance from whoever should... it's hard to maintain. I was off until a few days ago, and lasted a few month, a quick look on the new posts, well... all said, nothing new for months.

@bluegman991: there is no obligation to post, I'm a full time dad, full time worker and full time student, and yes i still have time to lurk around either being helpfull or being a jerk (mostly)! ;)

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