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Im currently running windows 7 on my PC but got a free download of Windows 8.

Im wondering whether I should install it or not?

What are the best/worst features of windows 8?

What apps do you have to install to get the best out of windows 8?

For those of you in college yous should check out http://www.dreamspark.com

You can get a wide variety of free software from Microsoft.

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Windows 8 works... yet... The metro start screen is totally useless to me, as well as I really need a start button and a DVD playback. So I had to install a soft to skip the metro start and add back the start button, as well as I installed the media center to have the DVD playback.

Once this is done you get a fast boot, a bit snappier PC than windows 7, yet it's a bit more ugly (I don't like the simplified square look of 8), you miss also a few other small things but overall the difference is pretty much none. So should you do it? Honestly, if you have windows 7 running and you don't need to run any soft requiring 8, don't install 8.

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I have a windows 8 laptop. I got use to it really quickly. it ain't that bad. just has hidden stuff. There are 2 settings one in the desktop the other in the main windows page. if you press desktop. its exactly like the normal windows xp - 7 but no start button. to get the program list its also simple. not much difference in my opinion.

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I've used Windows 8 for a while and I really like it. Taking away the start button has actually made me work the computer faster. Click the winndows button on your keyboard -> start typing anything (for ex "calc") -> hit enter to start calculator. I know more hotkeys now than before because w8 kinda made me. It starts really fast too.

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It seems no one is yet to mention how much quicker Windows 8 is over 7? Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Windows 8, there are things I like (It's simplicity and ease of use (in some areas)) however, Windows 8, without all the fancy glass rubbish and shadowy glamour uses far less Memory, CPU and is less intensive on the GPU. This, is why I went to Windows 8. I am gamer, I do not care for my hardware running fancy junk on my desktop when I want every ounce of juice going into my FPS.

In terms of development, I still use the same tools (PHPDesigner 8 IDE, XAMPP, Firefox etc) and nothing has really changed there.

All in all, I think it really depends on what you want to do with your computer, whether you play a lot of games, or care too much about how fancy your desktop looks.

(Side note: I do not have a touchscreen monitor, which is of course what Windows 8 is all about, because of this, there are a few "menus" that can be a little awkward to use with a mouse)

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I personally don't saw much difference in speed between Windows 8 and Windows 7, beside maybe a bit during boot.

Memory usage? Sorry, anyhow I have 16Gb or ram in my PCs... saving a few Mb for the look doesn't change anything. Also, windows 7 can run with 512Mb of ram and I use it (as Windows 2008 R2 which is the server version of Windows 7) a lot at work without any issues.

Honestly Windows 8 for me is just a trial from Microsoft to eat back it's share in the phone and tablet market, by trying to converge all the platforms... but actually fail to understand that I don't want to have a phone OS working on my desktop PC. And no I don't want nor need a touch screen at work.

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Window's 8 menus seem to fly about quite quickly -- not to mention the startup is quicker. But I'm mainly a gamer, and I find Windows 8 just doesn't have what I want. Maybe Windows Blue will fix a few things, but from my understanding, there's quite a few games that I want to play and programs I want to use that either aren't compatible with, or don't run to well with Windows 8.

Don't forget, when it comes to gaming, games tend to rely mostly on your GPU rather than your CPU. Even if Windows 8 has a smaller and quicker menu, it doesn't necessarily mean your game will run any better. Not to say it wont make a difference at all of course. :)

Maybe I'm just old school and don't like change, but I really don't see any reason to move over to Windows 8. It offers nothing extra that I want, and contains a lot of nonsense I don't want. xD

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