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Rising Grave


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Lol does it even matter what engine it is?

I am REALLY liking the look of the game though, I can obviously tell you've invested money in the layout and general appearance of the game (I just hope you also invested the same for the lines of code, as at the end of the day eye-candy isn't gonna stop you from the low-lives out there). Really do hope it goes well for you, and I'm sure it will judging by how it is looking so far!

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Actually... Its... GRPG (and a very bad modded one)

Ok firstly mafiadeath is writen on MrWhales EzRpg (NOT GRPG) GRPG was actually based apon MafiaDeath thats why the style was pretty much the same.


O.o nope lol specially since all these so called engines originates from MC. "Everything the looks like mc, plays like mc and sucks like mc is MC" ;) hmmm thats a nice slogan.

And you win for not knowing nothing McCodes, It might as well originate from a piece of dog **** but on a serious note McCodes was a engine pretty much based on Torn City and before you start yes torn city was around well before McCodes same as any engine they all come from somewhere but just because you know McCodes and clearly no other engine you automatically think it was the first ever engine ever published and to add a note McCodes should have really quit before they started as to be honest any person that uses the engine these days either cant code or just want a crap game that will sink in 1 week.


I'm curious as to who the owner is. I'd like to pester him until he adds his game to BTG :) lol

The owner is DAVE (not anyone that comes on MWG don't get him confused) also good luck i played Mafia Death and he don't care as long as he gets money he don't mod his games he just lets them run themselves

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