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New Worlds Engine - 1.0 - On sale!


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You may already start buying / browser / test the brand new "New Worlds Engine" at:


- To test, click on the demo link, and then click on the "Log in as admin".

- To check the work in progress on the documentation, click the wiki link

- To purchase the engine, you need to register an account at our shop, and then click the "Engine Packages" tab on top.

The price is set currently at 100$ and will quiet certainly increase once we will start to deliver more modules to include in the package.

Any purchase of package will grant you a full year of updates and upgrades, which means you will save money buy jumping on the train early on.

From second year on, you can simply pay the maintenance fee of 30$ per year, which will grant you access to another full year of updates / upgrades.

Of course I remain here to answer any question of yours, as well as help you in case of issues. I will try to be as much as possible on the IRC chat too today, so if you want quick answers, try that first.

Partial feature list:


  • Full installer:
    • Un-zip the engine
    • Run the main index.php
    • Answer to some simple questions
    • A couple of minutes later you have the engine up and running.



  • Embedded security against SQL injections due to the usage of the MySQLi library.
  • Embedded security against XSS via special token system.
  • Fully modular:
    • Modules can be installed from a single file (nwp).
    • Modules are self-installing (no need to run SQL commands by hand or modify any file).
    • Modules can be enabled and disabled directly from the admin panel.
    • Modules can be upgraded directly from the admin panel.
    • Wizard to create the skeleton of a new module.


    [*] Multiple levels of access (Super User, Administrator, Moderator, Simple Player).

    [*] Full featured admin panel.

    [*] All texts can be edited via the admin panel.

    [*] Simple to use template system.

    [*] Same look across all the modules (official or not) due to standard functions.

    [*] Nearly all official modules offer tweaks accessible via the admin panel.

    [*] Live check of the latest version.

    [*] Security embedded against password brute force attacks.

    [*] Embedded and customizable captcha system.

    [*] Simple framework to develop (nearly plain PHP).

    [*] Full customizable player stats.

    [*] Full customizable items (can define as many attributes as you want without modifying the database).

    [*] Access to defined set of tables directly from within the admin panel.

    [*] Real time statistics.

    [*] Real time Ajax chat.

    [*] Complete messaging system with smilies, links and more.

    [*] Direct trading between player via the messaging system.

    [*] Embedded bug reporting system for the bugs of your engine.

    [*] Paypal premium package ready to be sold.

    [*] Rotating banner system.

    [*] NPC Shops.

    [*] Integrated powerful tutorial system.

    [*] Steal from NPC shop (could end up in jail).

    [*] Inventory system.

    [*] Training page.

    [*] Exploration area.

    [*] Player classes.

    [*] Experience and level handling using the flexible stat system.

    [*] Embedded cron system (let you run the game without installing any cron, or you can instead use the standard unix cron if you prefer).

    [*] Embedded profiler to check what takes time in case of slow downs.

    [*] Included F.A.Q. system.

    [*] Public and in-game area (with plugins for both).

    [*] Complete action log of all actions.

    [*] Bet game.


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I have to say whilst ive worked on this New Worlds engine with Bert.

The overall potential is mind boggling anyone who knows me and the mods ive created for another engine, will be blown away at what this thing you can do, Iv'e always thought outside the box when making mods, but this one has just so much more to offer. Usually my scripts are something like 500 - 600 lines long and require a fair few link pages to make it work. I was amazed when doing mods for New Worlds one page no link pages and it did everything i wanted it to do.

You dont have edit previous scripts to add links to the menu cos the system just finds a new mod package and recognises it as a mod that needs a link and does it. the variables make it even easier when writing new mods cos you dont have to create your own you can use whats already on offer for countless number of scripts and they fit snuggly into the pages.

Your newly created mod once done if it dont work thats fine turn it off from the admin panel correct the script JUST for that mod you dont need to alter any other ingame pages and your back in action..

whats been achieved here and for the price is mesmerizing. And the ability to make cash from your mods by uploading to the market is a brilliant idea.

Damn thing even keeps you upto date on new mods new additions to improved mods and plenty more.

One of the best ive seen and worked with weldone bert.. :)

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I have the same question. What if i want to sell an upgrade for your engine for the new game owner's, but require's modifying core file's.

Do us as developer's get ability to see or do we need to purchase?

Also my idea is to perhaps design a straight out the box from your engine to my package and it upgrade's quite a few component's for the new owner.

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I'm unsure about a developer price. There is a couple of things about it:

- If it's a developer version, then you certainly do not need most of the mods, so let's say we make a new package, without nice templates, without chat, without forums, without combat etc... just nearly a bare-bone engine, with login / logout, and a couple of other features. Yet we would need to carefully think about it... and wonder how much good it is, as many developments are basically the modification of an existing module, or the "collaboration" with exiting tools. So it need to be thought and for the moment, I don't have a good answer.

For HauntedDawg question, I'm lost, I don't know what you want here...

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i dont think bertrand made this engine for profit.Maybe he did for profit but i dont think it is the primary objective of the engine.According to me his main aim is to give something great to the developers(New World)

I have a demo copy and i have seen the engine.It is just Fantastic the script is well structured.

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For HauntedDawg question, I'm lost, I don't know what you want here...

I believe HD is asking if there is no available source , that somehow will there be some functions and/or some demo modules for those who develop to be able to do it to NWE... Which could be an interesting approach, having those "demos" to whoever wants to make those modules, either they are free or not!!!

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I do not see why you should get a different price as a developer as your aim is to profit from the engine. I purchased it for exactly that reason.

I have to agree with this. The developer would be looking to make money why should he/she get money off? You already have a number of people with licenses ready to develop from the beta phase. No need to do much more.

On a side note congratulations on the release.

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Thanks Illusions, Prototype, Dominion, was... hard work at the end, and I had to rush a bit for the market place. I hope to improve it soon.

For demos of modules, well you nearly have all there:


The last code is an actual module of the engine, and, all you are missing is the admin_menu.php which could be found here:


so free sources of modules? Well you should be basically covered with all the examples inside the wiki. Yet the issue is that you cannot really try them unless you have the base engine to try them on. And basically not only the base engine if you want to be able to develop modules for the messaging system or in game home page or whatever.

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for those wanting to develop even buying a licence at $100 and creating your own mods your still benefitting if your mods sell.

mods for the engine are easy enough to develop and you could see your return in paid mods will cover the price of the engine..

I dont recall other licened engines giving a skeleton version for mod creations cos this would mean you could build on it and have yourself a free copy unless im misreading what people are asking...

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Alain, i think his just used to the Styled up, all designed mafia game's. He doesn't understand what your engine does exactly from the box at the moment i guess?

Anyways, the wiki shall be fine for now. If it sales & community climb a bit, then sure, ill buy it to develop modules further in it.

Thank's for your response and hope you go well with your engine

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i am sure this engine will be super hit because bertrand have tried his best to build this(according to me).I hope this engine touches the sky and may not fall down like mccodes(I am sure it won't because of bertrand's quick support and healthy services).I know how much bertrand might have worked on this engine because as being a php/sql developer i know what it takes to build an engine like this

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Congratulations on the release. I would personally know how much effort and responsibility it takes to produce such product. I believe you've nailed all aspects by experiencing the demo version.

You may know what it takes to build an engine, but of this standard, I beg to differ.


i am sure this engine will be super hit because bertrand have tried his best to build this(according to me).I hope this engine touches the sky and may not fall down like mccodes(I am sure it won't because of bertrand's quick support and healthy services).I know how much bertrand might have worked on this engine because as being a php/sql developer i know what it takes to build an engine like this

Genius, Pure and utter Genius.

Anyway, Ill look into converting some mods to the engine, but it may be hard right now.

Edited by Danny696
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I am very impressed so far and im loving the cache feature.

The cache feature (hook cache I believe) is a little thing I'm proud of, and which actually do have a huge impact on performance. Took me actually a couple of day to come with this solution fully working.

For those which are not with the engine on hand, basically the engine works with modules being directories and files. If you want to define a menu entry you create a menu.php file and this file will be then seen by the inside_menu module (via a scan of all modules directories) and then loaded / run. This as the advantage of being really flexible as modules could offer ways to other modules to extend some of their own functionality, like the menu is nothing else as a plain module yet if every module starts to scan every other module you will soon loose a lot of time scanning files / directories. To avoid that, and therefore speed up the game engine, you can enable the so called "hook cache", which will do the scan only once, and merge all the files found into one. From second time on it will use the cached file instead, which means, no more scans, no more multiple loads. However if you enable the cache you cannot develop anymore, so you should disable the cache while developing or clean the cache once you change something.

The result is that with cache enabled the execution of a page is about 3-5x as fast.

BTW enabling / disable or cleaning the cache is all available from the admin panel.

And for the sales, so far it's going well, so, let's see how the community will grow ;)

Be assured that I will do my best to support the community and its grow.

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Developer version?

It has been discussed before the release, I'd think it's still appropriate to receive a stripped version?

Even if confidentially.

I can't see why a developer would spend full price on the engine and hope their modification/alteration will sell good enough to make up for personal losses.

Congrat's though.

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