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Ps3 hacked!


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TBH im supprised it took so long for hackers to hack it, im just glad i dont have my ps3 for online game playing and just for the blu-ray / a few select games

I am the same, I usually use mine for DVDs and playing games, some that don't have online multiplayer, a good game doesn't need it, take that new L.A. Noire which looks amazing, yet has no multiplayer.

Though I don't mind playing GTA online occasionally.

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It really is 'every ps3 has been hacked'.

PSN is down, but the ps3 is also hacked. And sony is in a world of trouble, as they can't fix the problem easily.

Basically, the ps3 uses encryption keys to sign stuff like games and software, and anything related to security. For a very long time the ps3 was the most secure console, because the encryption keys never ever ever left the cpu. Finally, the encryption keys have been discovered, and the ps3 is the least secure system of all the latest consoles.

For ps3 to fix the problem, they'd need to change the encryption keys, BUT because all games were signed using these same encryption keys, if sony updates them then your ps3 won't be able to play any ps3 games except new ones. That means for some people who bought loads of ps3 games, those games will suddenly become useless discs.

I don't really know what sony will do about the problem, but I'm sure they'll come up with something... I don't really understand the details either.

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i was reading an article on this, and this is an amazing quote;

" For all the time ps3 owners have been saying their online is free and superior.... "

Anyway, i reckon, Sony will do something along the lines of a_b suggested, only due to that they have lost thousands of potential and current players switching over to different home consoles. But i'm not sure.

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I've heard a rumor that products sold(even by third-parties) were logged by Sony.

In theory, when the hackers got into the system, they also took everyones credit card information.

Sony is facing a massive lawsuit because of this as well.

On the "fixing" side: Sony really has only one option, and that is to remove all keys and issue new ones.

White-listing as you said, a_bertrand, isn't effective enough and will have the same flaws as that has been discovered.

This whole thing makes me think of the movie "Gamers". Humanz rule. :P

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