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  1. I've been keeping my eye on this game had a little play around before it closed.. I really like it! Great graphics and lots of neat modules. Cant wait to play the Beta!!
  2. I can recommend what I use... I cant say it there any good or not.. But they work 🙂 hope this helps 🙂
  3. Currently no. But I will add this to the next update 🙂
  4. Thank you for the solid advice/guidance Kyle! I will definitely be applying this to future mods and updates 🙂 I found this post really helpful so more like this would be great.. always good to come back to if and when I'm stuck Haha :D
  5. Version 1.0.1

    Is your game on a voting site? If not then now's a better time than any to sign up to them! With this module you can auto credit your users with rewards for voting for your site! They will be able to claim rewards for voting every 12 hours just like most voting sites! The module comes with an admin panel where you can enter new site details, edit rewards and delete vote sites. I have included with the zip an .sql file and some instructions. Enjoy 🙂


  6. Version 1.0.2

    This module allows users to buy multiple weapons, armours and stat items! Users are able to Sell, Send or Equip/Use items in the inventory! This zip contains... inventory.zip / DB to import provided. cornerShop.zip / this is where users buy stat items / Energy drink, Will potion and First Aid will be inserted into you items when you import .sql. Modified blackMarket files/ .inc and .tpl . -Instructions are provided. I will make be making an admin file soon where you will be able to edit corner shop items and also credit items to user. - I will update on here once made! I have tested this module to the best of my ability.. any problems please contact me here on MWG. I Hope you enjoy this module. Demo can be found on https://themadcity.co.uk


  7. Glad to see you've got it working bro 😃 +1 Magic!!
  8. I would remove the current mug folder before installing.
  9. Made some progress today, with a bit of luck it will be finished soon 🤞🤞
  10. Version 1.0.2


    This Attack Bundle contains mug, attack and hospitalise! They are made from the original mug module Mark made. I changed the mug so the outcome is made from users agility! Attack and Hospitalise outcomes are based on attacker strength vs victims guard! The attack uses energy and bullets, with an EXP reward! The hospitalise uses more energy and bullets, with a greater EXP reward! I've also made it so you must be in the same location as the user your attacking. All values can be adjusted in the inc.php files. Any problems please contact me here on MWG.


  11. Trying to make this... Trying a couple of ways so hopefully I can fix/complete it soon..
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