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  1. Thanks for explaining how Health works that will go a long way to understanding this error (or lack of reason for the error that I have when using russian roulette). I thought I did explain it but yes I want to have a revive button (bust out) for a fee ultimately either with money or energy as the cost or both.
  2. its going to work into my next thing of being able to revive peeps in hospital. Having more things that end you up in hosp will make that more viable.
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    Did you end up uploading to GitHub?
  4. The issue is understanding how health is dealt with in GL. The mod that I modified isn't mine in Russian Roulette which kills you if you get hit. In my version it send you to hospital for x amount of time, losing your will and energy. After reading some of your responses it made me think if Health is always 0 then this change I made won't work unless I make further changes so Health can equal a greater number so when it hits 0 it does something more than it does now as setting it to 0 does nothing. You can set it to a higher number for reviving your health in the hospital mod if somehow you lose health you can pay to get it back to 100% which is not quite accurate as it is. This just might be a flaw with how I'm trying to change the game to suit the style I'm working towards.
  5. I love what you have done with this engine. Personally I'm trying to re-learn coding again to use as a platform for my R/L job. It would be nice to learn again and have motivation for it. A very long time I looked at mccodes on a friends game. I did some coding for that but that was largely crap code, worked but crap code knew it at the time lol Now with GL I hope to fix that and do it properly.
  6. So I tried to make russian roulette a hospital event instead of being killed you hit the hosp for x amount of time. So, I haven't understood yet how health works and I think this is where the issue lies but this is the code I changed in roulette and the screenshot is the error I get in hospital. if ($shot) { $this->error("It was the chamber with the bullet and you paralysed yourself!"); $this->user->set("US_energy", 0); $this->user->set("US_will", 0); // update health to 0 and timer to extended time in hospital // I tried health at 0 but then found it was linked to ranks so made higher value. $this->user->set("US_health", 1000); $this->user->set("US_shotBy", $this->user->id); $this->user->updateTimer('hospital', (30000), true); Thanks in advance if you can help me work this out as its been kinda bugging me - see what I did there lol
  7. padre


    the health bar is inaccurate as it pulls from two tables (rank and userstats). As I want to make that upgrade able i'm thinking I might just make a new field for userstats for maxhealth. I love your code there sim that is something I'm going to add in (you may have written it for me lol). I now need to work out (if someone knows please tell me) how to reduce time in hospital using an item or revive button that costs energy or money. With that I need to cut off pages from being accessible while in jail and hospital.
  8. just a noob, how do I add someone to hospital once health hits 0 and they need to spend x amount of time in hosp - found that one I think!
  9. padre


    Bare with me still new lol.... I'm wanting to update timers for character stats. I have changed the maximums and names. I'm working on new mod ideas and this timer for say Energy will come into that. At the moment it increase by 4 points / 100. What I want to find out is how to change that to say 5 and see what timer its on so I can change this if say a player pays for a subscription to 10. (I have loads of ideas but am going to build this differently from my past games where I just dumped a heap of things in and really it got a bit lost). I'll edit my post. What I want to do is put in a timer in the Energy/Will/Health character stats with the totals (done those). Increase the timer and create new ones. Add in conditional checks on pages if you're in hospital not just jail and create the hospital timer for different aspects of the game like Russian roulette for instance where you lose all your energy, will and health plus 30000 minutes in hospital (the only way out is either a medical item or wait it out). For the hospital does it need a seperate table in the db? with jail as users might be able to bust/bail and revive. For awards I need to add one to count so they can be recorded.
  10. thanks for that guys. I appreciate it. I'm a long time out of coding now trying to get my head around the code to customise this game the way I want it. Its so much better than what I worked with 10 years ago...congrats to the developer and making this open source. I can see how this can be expanded sooooo much
  11. Might just be me but I installed the free script and just wondering if Character Stats was included? Did I miss something in the setup? Thanks in advance
  12. Re: [mccodes V2] Merits Mod [$10] What is your details for payment? (re: i pmd you question)
  13. Re: [v1][mccodes] Gang Decline Message Decline Message should be Decline Message   otherwise we send out welcome message and replace that but +1 love it all the same
  14. Re: Crystal market with limit and day function ey thanks for that alabama will give that a go :)
  15. Re: Crystal market with limit and day function the mod is great don't get me wrong in any way. I just can't work out the cron to work correctly so probably more me than your code. I am not sure as the numbers haven't changed in the days left of the crystal market thats all.
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