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  • Gangster Legends V2 - Premium By Dayo

    Features All the core Gangster Legends features plus: Gang Features Crimes Businesses Garage Actions Organized Crimes Workout* Scavenge* Investment Smuggle Stocks Auction House Monetization Buy points via PayPal
  • Gangster Legends - Expansion Pack 1 By Dayo

    • $17.50
    • 0 reviews
    • 8
    • 0
    Gangster Legends Expansion Pack 1 includes several modules for your game including: Betting - This allows you to make events in the ACP that users can bet on, this is good for things like football at the weekends Premium Modules - This allows you to lock modules so only premium users can use them, this is good for things like locking leaderboards behind a paywall or other features like investments Premium color + tag - This module allows you to set a color for all premium m
  • PvP Multiplayer Poker (Texas Hold'em) By Dayo

    • $40
    • 0 reviews
    • 16
    • 0
    I've been working on this mod for several weeks now and it is finally in a state where its ready to be released. This is a fully AJAX module meaning the user does not need to reload the page. I am working on a Node.js backend for those who need it this will be available later this summer and will be a free upgrade. A demo can be found at https://premium.glscript.net/ For a limited time only anyone who purchases the poker script will receive $40 off of the purchase of GLPremium so in ef
  • Modified Crimes and Theft By KyleMassacre

    • $10
    • 0 reviews
    • 5
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    PLEASE NOTE: Only tested on GL 2.3 Modified crimes and theft allows players to steal cars and commit crimes on against players. Everyone who commits a crime has a chance that it is done against a player and every time they commit a they theft there is a chance that the car is stolen from another player. In addition to being able to steal cars and commit thefts against other players, this mod also allows to to create a success and fail message.  You can also specify the message sent to th

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