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    New Item System

    PLEASE NOTE: Only tested on GL 2.3
    Here's a new item system for GL. Here's a list of the following feaures:
    Item Types: 
    You can create item types based on the 3 basic item types I have created thus far. Weapon, Armour, treasures. More can be added from a itemType class files with ease.
    Item Slots
    This is for people who wish to allow multiple items of the same type. Say equiping a left handed weapon, right handed weapon, headgear, best, ect. Instead of the basic one armour and on weapon.
    For ease, you can add item Slots from item types and vice versa. 
    It's fairly basic, image, price , value(strength, defense, ect.) and choose item type. If the item type needs more fields for creation in the class files it will display them as well. The Item System comes with the item types. 
    Weapons which adds to your kill strength
    Defense which adds to your defense when attempted being killed.
    Your basic inventory. This shows which items you own. Also shoes where your item is, type of item, value of item and quick links to Equip, add to shop, blackMarket, ECT. Players can also sell there items from the inventory.
    Gift Items
    allow players to send and recieve items from other players.
    Your basic shop, shops can be placed in all locations or any specified location.
    User Shops
    Allows players to add items from there inventory to there own shop. UserScan view all all users who have a shop.
    Black market
    Players can list there items in the blackMarket. This is a place where all items can be placed with other user items.
     This is my third time writing this.
    Follow instructions in text file included
    In the future I will be releasing other mod that will take advantage of this item system, such as me item Types, mugging and battling in the future.
    As of now this behind by replacing the effects off the current item system. Adding attacks and defense peer.. 

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