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Gangster Legends V2

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    AI Cars Images

    These are just AI Generated Car Images I created to look kinda fancy, there is 7 different Cars/images.
    They are just images to put in your game/site to start your Cars off with Images for them.

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  2. $100


    AzHCode is an online browser game that is developed with the latest web technologies.
    AzHCode is game script that will help you to create your own online browser game to your liking, because it has many options and settings by which to modify and create your desired browser game.
    AzHCode can be easily customized to fit your needs and will help you to create the most respected virtual life game in the world.
    Also one of the important features of AzHCode is that you can earn real money through the integrated paid services in the game – just invest as purchasing it here and create your own game from which you can make real money.
    In the game players receive a free home and character to be able to start their virtual life in the game. Players can buy cars, properties, items, homes, pets and many other things to improve their respect. Players have the opportunity to go to work, school, gym, hospital and other places in the game to earn extra money, diamonds, experience and other bonuses with which to upgrade their character.
    AzHCode is text-based RPG (MMORPG) online web browser game php script.
    Characters: After sign up the player can select a character to start the game with. Cars: Steal cars or buy from the docks. Properties: Players can buy properties and then receive income periodically from them. Houses: Players can buy houses to increase their happiness. Shops: Players can buy different Items and every item improves the character, also players can own their own shops for selling their items and diamonds. Jobs: Players can go to Work and select the preferred Job to earn money from it. Gym: Players can go to Gym and train to improve their skills. Education: Players can go to courses to improve their intelligence. Bank: Players can protect their money in the local Bank. Hospital: When player has low health it can go to the Hospital to restore its health. Hall OF Fame: The ranking of all players in the game. Diamonds Shop: Players can purchase additional Money, Gold, VIP Status and other bonuses with real money to improve their presence in the game. Mail: Players can send private messages to other player and to communicate via this system. Chat System: AJAX Live Chat System that can help all players to communicate via it. Levels: Players can level up as doing different activities, traveling and buying different things. Powerful Admin Panel: The most modules and settings of the game can be modified from the Admin Panel. Themes: The game can be redesigned in different themes. Many themes are added by default. Modules: The game can be improved by adding different modules and addons. Secure: The script is integrated with special security functions borrowed from Project SECURITY to protect the whole game and its players. Easily Customizable Source Code: The script is written in PHP Procedural style and everything can be customized in no time. Dashboard + Stats System: On the Dashboard you can check the Stats of your game. Very Optimized: The script is very lightweight and the source code & the graphics are very optimized. Responsive :Looks good on almost all devices and screen resolutions. Easy for use: The game is developed to be simple and is very easy to understand & use. And much more you can explore...
    Read more about AzHCode in the official site: https://www.azhcode.com/
    Email: [email protected] Password: admin  

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  3. $50


    Here is the AzH (GL) after editing and improving it ,this version has GL2.5.1 engine.
    The version has a full supporting from my side ,any update of GL engine will be added to this version, any bug you find will be fixed by me.
    some of the features in the version:
    Themes: The version has two bootstrap 5 themes , one of them is a dark theme which is the default.
    Sales House: Here players can sell, buy their points, cars, zones, territories.
    Families: Fake members which player can make a family up to 15 members and other players won't be able to kill them if they did not kill his family.
    Missions: Full missions system, this has 9 mission where player can get know the game better.
    Gang: The version has a new gang system ,any member of the gang can build a gang factory which produces weapon , protections for gang inventory and the boss than give away for gang members.
    Territories: where player can have bullet factory ,radar, airport, etc...
    Zones: This is the new system of the properties where player can buy, build on them.
    Fight and racing club: Players can now have a fight, races together , train on gym and modify their cars to make them ready for racing also they can train in driving school!
    Drugs lab: new system of drugs lab which it depends on the lab level, more producing = more exp to high levels
    Admin: Full admin panel controlling, the admin can control more than 90% of the game , all prices , etc...
    Data: the installing folder contains everything in the game , crimes , thefts, etc... so you do not have to add much 😉
    once again this version is fully supported of my side, so if you have any bug or something then i'm up to fix it in anytime!
    To install this version you have only to upload the files on your host then go to domain.com/install and follow the instructions
    Demo Link: Wars Mafia - Login (azh.codes)
    username: admin password: admin Donate me:
    Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/harbzali

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  4. $75

    Gangster Legends V2 - Premium

    All the core Gangster Legends features plus:
    Gang Features Crimes Businesses Garage Actions Organized Crimes Workout* Scavenge* Investment Smuggle Stocks Auction House Monetization Buy points via PayPal Use Points Reset Timers Casinos Roulette Lottery Keno Russian Roulette* Other Features Hospital* Shoutbox* Suicide* Referral* Facebook Login*  
    The individual cost of these modules would be over $150!
    How To Install

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  5. Free

    Gangster Legends - FREE

    Gangster Legends v2 is an open source mafia/gangster PBBG game engine written in PHP using a MySQL database. As long as you have PHP 5.4 or higher and MySQL version 5.5 or higher you will be able to set up your game in minutes.
    Gangster Legends V2 comes with loads of features out the box, with the ability to modify and expand on them easily.
    In game Features
    Actions Crimes Car Theft Police Chase Inventory/Item System Locations Banking Blackjack Bullet Factory Garage Jail Busting Travel Black Market Murder Detectives Bounties Kill Account/Game Settings Premium Membership Mail + Notifications Leader boards Game News Users Online Game Stats Profiles Administration Features
    View Game statistics You can edit/modify Custom Admin Roles Ranks Crimes Locations Theft Cars Black Market Items Game News Forums Users Alter login/register pages Module Manager Theme Manager Demo
    You can see a live demo of Gangster Legends v2 here. To access the admin panel user the username admin and the password adminPass
    This is not monitored, if you see any abuse or the Admin account is locked out please email me at [email protected].
    Support Future Development
    Gangster Legends v2 is currently developed and supported by Chris Day, this is not a full-time job for him, he works when ever he has some spare time. If you like the engine and would like to support future development please consider donating a small amount below.


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