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Modules & themes for the SPADE engine by @gamble

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    SPADE Engine

    Demo Link: https://spade.makeweb.games/
    About SPADE: 
    Basic Information:
    Server Side API written in PHP Tested and Run on PHP 7.24.27 Database communication handled via PDO HTTP Requests done via Ajax Front end written in Javascript and HTML  
    Full Item System Use Equip Buy Info Inventory System Equip Items Primary Secondary Armor Consumables (for use in fighting) Use Items City Contains Shops Buy items User List Points Market Buy/Sell from other users Point Building Use Points Message System Send/Receive messages Events Education Complete courses to gain stats, money, anything Gym Stats to train: Strength Defense Speed Agility Crimes Broken down by category Easily define formulas in the staff panel for completion rates Jail Hospital Users Online Settings Change Password Automatic Awards Fully functional staff panel to manage all of the above User logs User messages Banning Complete mobile site!  
    Installation Instructions:
    Create a MySql Database Create a MySql Database User with all permissions Attach Database and User Open /api/core.php and edit lines 2, 3, 4 with the appropriate information In your web browser visit {your domain}/api/core.php/engine/install This will create the entire database for you! It will output a lot of information you probably do not care about, you do not have to look at this It will create some default crons to help you get started It will also create a default user with Username: admin Password: admin Immediately log into this account and change the information!!!!!!!!!!! You are good to go! Start coding and make it your own 🙂 If at any time you have issues or need help feel free to message me directly on MWG or message my Discord (Head.Clicker#0238)

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    SPADE Free

    A stripped version of 


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