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  • Modified Crimes and Theft By KyleMassacre

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    PLEASE NOTE: Only tested on GL 2.3 Modified crimes and theft allows players to steal cars and commit crimes on against players. Everyone who commits a crime has a chance that it is done against a player and every time they commit a they theft there is a chance that the car is stolen from another player. In addition to being able to steal cars and commit thefts against other players, this mod also allows to to create a success and fail message.  You can also specify the message sent to th
  • Gangster Legends - Expansion Pack 1 By Dayo

    • $17.50
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    Gangster Legends Expansion Pack 1 includes several modules for your game including: Betting - This allows you to make events in the ACP that users can bet on, this is good for things like football at the weekends Premium Modules - This allows you to lock modules so only premium users can use them, this is good for things like locking leaderboards behind a paywall or other features like investments Premium color + tag - This module allows you to set a color for all premium m
  • Gangster Legends V2 - Premium By Dayo

    Features All the core Gangster Legends features plus: Gang Features Crimes Businesses Garage Actions Organized Crimes Workout* Scavenge* Investment Smuggle Stocks Auction House Monetization Buy points via PayPal
  • Automatic Awards System By URBANZ

    This module will let you add awards into your game that auto credit to users. Features users are able to track their percentage of each award. give players rewards for gaining awards. you can upload images for the awards from admin panel. premade awards (gang, travel, crimes, busts) Awards are shown on each users profile for the ones they have earned. Hidden award feature that allows the user to gain an award but not know how to achieve it (descriptions etc are hidden) How

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