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Marketplace Review Competition


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Marketplace reviews are an invaluable resource for new customers to help them find the product they want. It is hardly used within MWG, this competition aims at getting people into the habit of writing reviews for stuff they have bought/dowloaded.

 I will be picking 3 random reviews and giving each one a $10 MWG market place gift card. (you can only win once, if you get pulled a 2nd time ill re-draw).

This isn't to boost 5 star reviews, if there is a problem let your review reflect that, make us developers fix our issues.

This will run until July 1st and winners will be picked at random live on discord.

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1 hour ago, aqsakashif said:

High quality baby clothes are hard to find, especially if you want to buy them at a reasonable price. Consumers are now in luck as there are several baby clothing stores present to cater for their needs. Specific and well-known brands focus on the type of material and dimensions of their products to meet the standards of the buying public. The internet is widely regarded by some wannabes, establishing brands as an extension of their stores and boutiques. Buying baby clothes online is easy and super convenient, so you don't have to wait in a busy line to pay the checkout.

There are several websites on the net that aim to provide consumers with the brand and style they want for their baby clothes. Some stores carry expensive brands, others would display high end brands at a discount, their cheap cost is perfect for the budget conscious family. Below are important tips for buying baby clothes online.

Selecting the right size

The most common problem when buying from a real store is the lack of clothing sizes. Using the net makes it much easier to find the right clothing size for your kids. Shoppers are often put off by the lack of existing clothing sizes in local stores. Online shoppers would not experience this kind of problem; On all occasions, the store owners ensure that the needs of the shoppers are met.

Quality comes first, not the name.

Online baby clothing stores offer a wide variety of clothing for you to choose from. When buying clothes for your babies it is important to emphasize the quality of the product over the brand. This is a common mistake often made by shoppers online or in real stores. To ensure the quality of the product you want to buy online, product reviews are done especially for that purpose. Customer reviews are considered more honest than salespeople, who tend to chase sales rather than reveal negative aspects of the product.

bargain hunt

During Christmas and the end of the year, sales are the best time to look for a bargain. Online baby clothing stores, like real boutiques, also lower the prices of their products during the holiday season. They often practice sales at a certain time of the year. Summer sales usually start in August, while winter sales are said to progress between February and March.

This is what we get when we don't know the winner of the August competition ... we get SPAMMED!

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15 hours ago, SRB said:

He forgot, it'll be decided soon 😛

I know it's all good....


8 hours ago, Dayo said:

Soon as in 2024 ... 👀

I will get round to doing it but its been pretty hectic the past month or so

Life can really catch up on us is OK . I've had the same issue choosing between sex or game development...progress has been slow 😆 🤣 😂 

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15 hours ago, Canjucks said:

I know it's all good....


Life can really catch up on us is OK . I've had the same issue choosing between sex or game development...progress has been slow 😆 🤣 😂 

Lies. Everyone knows nerds don't get women 😛

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