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Where have the days gone


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I know times change and as you get older you start creaking and looking uglier

Am I the only person who wishes we could rewind the clock back ( I was going to say WIND BACK THE CLOCK  but it looked to much like wind ) Cant remember when I joined this fab forum think it was 2009 or something like that could have been later.

But back then the forums where a flurry of activity as soon as you posted anything new, there was 10 - 30 comments within the hour and I kind of miss all that.

Its great that MWG is back but so many of my buddies didn't come back with it and thats kinda sad. 

Even during the days of Criminal Existence. I still remember writing my first ever script for MCCODES it was the Edit Itemtype and the feeling of pure satisfaction knowing it worked and that I'd written the script for others to use.  I'm not sure how many Mods ive written since that time but I think its near on 40, Im 51 now getting an old fart but still  missing the people that made CE / MWG a success.....

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I agree, I've been on this forum since I was 13 and it served as my entry into web development and really defined my life. The exact reason I bought it back was due to the huge impact it had on me.

The sad reality is the internet has grown up, Discord and other apps are more popular for these discussions. I plan for MWG to live on for a long time, and I'm glad others are getting the opportunity to get into this space due to it, yeah maybe it's not as active as it once was but at least it's not offline anymore.

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Yeah, I have to agree too.

As one of the first 200 people on the forum back in the days of Criminal Existence, I've watched a lot of people come and go.

I learned a lot in those earlier years from people who just had a similar passion for game development as myself, but Dave hit the nail on the head - the internet grew up. People from the active days now have children, jobs, drug addictions, or whatever other reason they no longer delve into this world.

Some even decided development wasn't for them after all, perhaps after achieving degrees in other fields, or just boredom. Who knows.

I actually miss some people, like Scarlet, Deception, Seanybob etc - all very good at what they did, and left an imprint on me for different reasons.

The nostalgia is half the reason I won't let these new noobs talk stupid about MC Codes being rubbish etc. It's not that it's not rubbish - it really is, but that rubbish code inspired a whole bunch of people to game, write code, and help one another. The quality of the code is what kept us needing to fix things, create updates/modifications and forced conversation... and even gave some of us the stepping stones into being full-time professional developers.

I won't deny that the tumbleweed blowing through here lately, leaves me with a little sadness.

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I agree, been a member since 2008 had my own hiatus (tired from coding and players in game hassling me - make this make that) and back again. Learnt so much from this forum its been super and the relationships I have now will stay with me for a long time to come. Part of coming back to making games was having this forums connection again.

Couldn't agree more with on that point about MC Codes @SRB that is spot on. I learnt from MC2 and its given me the grounding to what I hope to have taken it to a new level using GL.

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