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9 hours ago, Canjucks said:

Anyone hit Epic for game playing? I had been playing Dauntless but since the change dropped away. Do peeps mainly play Fortnite? Never really tried to get into it. Dauntless is the closest thing to first person killer I have caught onto lol

I play games via Epic more than anything else.

Originally it was because I bought a couple Farcry games on steam (Via a Humble Bundle, I believe), but they wouldn't work for me - I play controller (Astro C40) on PC, and controller support was almost non-existent.

Since then, I've played a little dauntless, some Watch Dog: Legions, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, GTA5 etc, all through Epic. Also guilty of playing Fortnite, which for me works because I used to play COD and the competitiveness it bought out cost me a few controllers and gave me a couple grey hairs, I think - Fortnite gives me an FPS, that's still somewhat competitive, but without the stress of dying or aiming for K/D ratios, etc.

I think they'll only get bigger too - more companies are selling their games via the Epic Store, and given they are actively still pushing their engine, Unreal Engine, I think more Indy people are making small games these days too, if that's your thing.

Add in the fact they give out a free game every week, and it's not too shabby - obviously, some of the free games are trash, but theres been some decent titles for nothing - GTA 5 was a free game one week.

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i go with the same games. I did play GTA a long time ago in fact bought IV or V on xbox and played for 10 minutes and meant to go back to it - the fun of having kids hey? NFS is one of my favs on xbox also that is like a go to for me

I've done steam but need to reinstall lol I do enjoy your command and conquers of the world, star craft 2, and age of empires which has IV coming out in October

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On 7/5/2021 at 8:26 AM, Dominion said:

I claim all the free games because why wouldn't you? Only bought one thing so far but their vouchers and offers are normally good. Just have a massive backlog. 

Same love the free games. Not all are good but some have been. 


On 6/30/2021 at 11:19 PM, peterisgb said:

I own all the GTAs on Steam, I'm using the same username, PeterisGB, welcome to add me

Will do 

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