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Square anouncement of new payment API for developers


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The ease of use of PayPal it too much for me to consider other options at the moment. Ive received payments from over 20 countries over the last 3-6 months so it would have to match that before i considered using it

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Working on just something like https://420bitstars.com/420onlinewallet/ still in setting up stage but will support deposits from many places and easy API to add to a checkout process and have people pay directly from there wallets. It will support variety of currencies and crypto currency using coinpayments  

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I've only ever used Paypal and Stripe.

I used PayPal really early on and their API was utter garbage, and Stripe I've been using for the past 4-5 years now and they've been a treat. From the dev perspective of clean docs and good libraries to their support responsiveness, I have no complaints.

Just last week I was looking into Sqaure as an alternative to Stripe, not because of any issues with Stripe but just to reaqauint myself with the market.

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