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Gangster Legends 2.3.0 Full Release


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After a week of testing i am finally moving GL V2.3.0 from pre-release to full release.

Gangster Legends V2.3.0 has several changes including:

  • A improved module manager that is now able to handle module bundles.
  • A better admin template
  • A Better default template with new menus as well as support for more menu item detail
  • Various module bug fixes
  • Added CSFR checking to the core of GL
  • Improved how GL loads classes
  • Full AJAX support (disabled by default)
  • Added player search and hospital to the core modules.

For the next two weeks i will be running a promotion on GL Premium, the price has been reduced from $100 to $90!



Report bugs

Buy GL Premium

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Gotta love that you still updating and improving the game. Thumbs up for that!


Some of my feedback:

The old version (design) is better on the phone when it comes to navigating the menus as you can faster navigate on it. 


New version:
Here you have to click and scroll to view timers and such.



Old version:

Here all the most important information is viewed at all time and you got easy acsess to all the "important" functions of the game.




Some months ago i sent you a list with some errors/bugs in the GL-Script, have some of theese bugs been improved?

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ohhh.... now I have no page loading so i have to keep going before I say anything further....about halfway doing classes updates ... see how it goes from here - was only an init file update away from fixing lol

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6 hours ago, Canjucks said:

Why are files named differently? hooks to hook? template/templateRender? Is it supposed to be like this? It doesn't make sense the change. What should I do with the old files just delete them and hope for the best that it all works?

I didn't even notice that when i scimmed threw the files.


@Dayo autoloader. I did notice all the included files from init.php was moved. Where are they now? Or what file loaded from?

Edit: nvm. 1st line of init.php 😂

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