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Feedback request for new Browser Game | Rise of Estazia


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My team has been developing this browser-game in our spare time for the last two years. We have a great opportunity to start working on it full-time but we need to get selected for an initiative that invests in the early stages of web-based projects. One of the requirements to be selected is to have some user feedback. This is why we opened the game to the public even though it is not in a final stage of development. All we are asking is for a bit of your time. Make an account (its free), complete the tutorial (it takes 15-20 min) and write something to us by clicking on the feedback button (top right). We have already received a lot of messages, some of them are great, others not so much. The keywords that we are looking for are "potential", "fun-factor", "originality". If you think, that our game can provide some of them in future versions, make sure you mention it in your message.


About the game

Rise Of Estazia describes the struggle of an isolated town that suffered from the detrimental consequences of The Flash ( a gamma-ray explosion). The game tells the story of a single hero that goes on remote expeditions in the search of resources and ancient artifacts. Machines, robots and energy spheres aid the hero in his dangerous trips to remote and unexplored areas. To win the game you need to beat the time odds and all the other adventurers that try to stop you.


Registration & compatibility

free registration here

--------> Rise Of Estazia

facebook page

--------> EstaziaOfficial


--------> @Estazia

!The game is available for every contemporary browser except for Internet Explorer (currently in development), it is free and does not store/require/use any personal information!


Final thoughts

As we mentioned earlier the game is not finished and needs a lot of tuning in terms of design, user-computer interaction, story, content and balance. But we feel that there is enough incentive for an experienced gamer to finish at least 2 chapters from the quests. If you give Estazia a chance and play it, don't forget the feedback, even if its "This is s**t!" (we got some of those). Thanks in advance for taking the time and efford to help some passionate gamers fulfill their dream of having a game of their own! We will love you forever if you like our facebook page and follow us on twitter!



Here are some screenshots from the game:


  • city overview citysr.jpg
  • the workshop workshops.jpg
  • the timer & PDA timer.jpg
  • inventory inventoryq.jpg
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This actually looks really good. Its a lot different than what I have seen or played. May i ask if this is all custom or is it a premade game script?

Originally, we wanted a massive multiplayer game that resembles the likes of " travian" but we were still very inexperienced in the field of browser-games and we decided to try something different and original.We didn't want to abandon the idea of a travian-like game too. That is why we decided to make two games! Rise Of Estazia was to be the first one that we develop but the events of the game describe the aftermath of the second game (Fall Of Estazia) in which the three races inhabiting the planet of Estazia were in constant war.We thought that this retrospective approach will give us the freedom to create something original that hopefully will get people'svattention and give us a chance to make Fall Of Estazia - the best travian rip-off ever :) . The script for Rise Of Estazia is totally custom right now, just because we needed to show something to the public quickly, because of the reasons I mentioned above (lack of funding -> needed investors -> they need proof that the game is worth it -> we publish an unfinished game ). With our backs against the wall and little time, we created about 100 quests that most of the experienced testers completed in a couple of days, consideringthey didn't play the whole time. These quests are totally random, we just needed to have something the user can do, so in the original version of the game, most of them will probably be gone. A greater script/story will develop that will hopefully give the players at least one month of play time.

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Not registerd but from what i can see... it looks ****ing awesome!

maybe port this to an app for those people who use ipads/smartphones? it shouldnt be too hard making a simple browser app that only loads the game.. :)

Thanks! It actually looks good on an iPhone/iPad because of HTML5 and no flash involved but there are some issues with the functionality. A mobile version is definitely something we will be working on in the future.

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