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NWE Give away


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Is it Christmas? Is your birthday? For the first I'm sure not, the second maybe.

Anyhow, it's a nice (raining) day, and I thought I would give away 1 full license of NWE to the person which has a good concept for his/her next killer game. So here is the deal:

What is it:

You have a full week to post on this thread what kind of game you would like to do using NWE. The best (most precisely described, funnier, UNIQUE, well though, whatever) idea posted till next Wednesday (GMT+1) will be rewarded with a full NWE license.


- You don't need to buy anything.

- Those which already own a full NWE license are out of the game.

- You will not need to actually bring the game to live.

- The license is not re-sellable nor cannot be transferred.

- Even if there is only one single idea on the thread the contest is valid.

- You must post your idea here, prior to the deadline! You may actually post right now, don't worry, if somebody copy / paste your idea he / she will not get a good grade as the uniqueness will be low for him/her and higher for you.

How it will be judged:

- I will review your posts, and the best (in my opinion) game idea will be reward.

- The judgement is final, I will not disclose about why / how I rated the game.

- Previous work of yours will not be kept in mind to judge, so even somebody which never posts on the forum have his chance.

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I would probably make a Time Travel game. Where players start off in 20??. As they progress in the game the can build/make something that allows them to travel through time. Give them a few destinations that they could travel to.. When they go back in time (or forward) they have a certain amount of time to accomplish their quest. If they don't accomplish their quest fast enough or they don't travel back before time runs out they could get stuck in that time period. They would have to find a way to communicate with others in the 20?? time period to help them back.

There are more ideas to this I just dont' have time to type it all out as i'm at work :( ... I will edit when I get home. This is just the beginning

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i may have mine set back in the middle ages start at the begining of the roman ages with what they can build and basiclly grow into the years that have passed to reach our current year then do the same process again as it gets to the current year i may think about adding some future stuff so it gets harder in the years it a random idea as i didn't have time to plan it out as i not got much battery life left

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My idea that i've wanted to do is give a 'space' theme a try, where you build up your ship, its armor and weapons (from a wide selection), those weapons can in themselves be upgraded, and you have to find fuel over time to keep going without consequences, and other unique additions. All wrapped in an attractive shell with various aspects being randomized for each player at the start. I have loads of ideas for custom 'mods' to make the game unique, and of course, an actual storyline to follow as well. I'm eager to develop this further, should I happen to be selected.

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I personally would make a game of voodoo/magic/spiritual theme, there is no limit to magic or voodoo, there is always something that can be implemented into a game of such theme.

You never find a theme of such on the internet which makes it an unique theme for a game. Gangster,Mafia,Vampire,Crime,Space,Realms has all been done...

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I personally would make a game of voodoo/magic/spiritual theme, there is no limit to magic or voodoo, there is always something that can be implemented into a game of such theme.

You never find a theme of such on the internet which makes it an unique theme for a game. Gangster,Mafia,Vampire,Crime,Space,Realms has all been done...

Illusions has already made a game like that. wizawitch or something like that..

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My Entry: RobotWars


The earth has been abused to the point of no return. Forrests are almost non existant, oceans are polluted and the air is thick with chemicals.

With the earth dying quickly, the world's leaders join together to find a solution to the survival of the human race.

A multi-nation deep space craft is created in the hope that a newly discovered plant similar to earth, will be its salvation.

Heavyly loaded with processed materials (steel, wood, plastic, etc..), food and water, a 3 man team is lauched as mans last hope.


Current Setting:

It has been 16 years since the launch of the DSC, the new planet, now known as Harg has a thriving community.

Small passenger shuttles are leaving earth reguarly, trasporting people to Harg.

You manage to buy yourself onto one leaving today, it was either that or waiting until your number is called, and that would still be years away.

On your arrival, things dont seem to be as you imagined, armed police are patroling the loading bays and your presented with numerous signs warning you not to leave the loading bays until you have been briefed by officals.

After speaking to an offical, you discover that the safe haven you thought you were coming to has been overturned by rebels.

The only safe place now is the loading bays, but youve been warned that you cant stay long because of limited room and new shuttles ariving all the time.

If only there was a way to communicate with earth, or fuel to send the shuttles back. Then people could be warned, and reinforsment sent to help take back the sectors.

Soon you'll have to venture out into the sectors, what will you do to survive...?



In the first sector, players will only be able to use very basic items.

Melee weapons only, and light clothing. Players will not be able to mug nor be mugged.

Housing will be limited to that provided by Harg Alliance Command, the entity that was ment oversee the whole planet.

Players will be automaticly eject from the first sector after they reach level 5 or when the reach 30 days on Harg, which ever comes first.

Players outside of the first sector, will not be able to return to it, nor have 'physical' contact with players inside it.

Once outside the first sector, depending on what sector they are in, determines what they can do and cant do.

For instance:

Sector 9 will be based around making money. You will be able to play different games and earn money off them.

But with each sector advantage comes a disadvantage, players will only be able to use the money they have on them while in that sector, and wont be able to use the banking system.

This leaves them more vunreable to muggings.

Sector 43 will be training based, where the amount of stats you earn on each training session is higher than normal.

But they will not be able to have any items/gear on in this sector, taking away there item bonuses, meaning they have to

fight or be attacked by other players on a standard stat vs stat fight.

There will also be sectors where there are no advantages or disadvantages, just a standard area.

Apart from the first sector, items/weapons will be based on a robot suit theme, sort of like a iron man suit.

(this will be explained in further detail in the tutorial and story). Basicly you will fight with guns/melee weapons until youve found all the sections needed to create the robot suit, once your suit is completed, guns/melee weapons will become useless to that player, and suit themed upgrades will become the items/weapons. (some of the previous weapon/items will be able to be combined with others to become suit upgrades).

This way it gives you more options in regards to how you play, do you train and buy weapons, make money and create weapons, or a mixture of both.


Extra Stuff:

The game will have two currencies, one being alot more valuable than the other, but both having there own uses.

Stats, for now, will be basic. Strength, Speed and Defence, with items/weapons giving you bonuses to those stats.

There will also be an award system tided into the game in different ways.

For instance:

A player may only have 3 different crimes availble to commit and earn exp/money off.

There would be an goal to meet. ie- complete 100 crimes, recieve the award, and the reward itself unlocks 3 more crimes that you are able to commit.

Then there be one where you need to attack and win against 25 other players uning your item 'stick' before being able to equip the

item 'gun'.

Some awards will also require you to collect items, this would not be an automatic reward tho, the player would need to confirm they

wish to claim the reward when the have all the items, as will loose the items when you do so.

There will be an hourly reward given to a player that has been active in the last hour, and another for each day.

The game will have a full tutorial, that until the player selects the option to turn off, will apear at the top of each page they visit, explaining what they do on that page, along with more of the story line.


Thats about all i have for what im trying to create at the moment..

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Game name: Death Halls

The game will be based around a hospital/Death.

The basics are: Nurses/Doctors VS patients.

patients can also kill other patients but they gain a bad record(nurses/DR's do more dmg to them)

If a nurse kills another nurse the patients also do more dmg to them.

The way of leveling up is through taking part in daily missions (go to ward A collect needles.ETC)

The weapons/armor/items will not directly effect battles, they will only assist in the aid of completing different killings.

Time length for this project is between 8-12 months.

Hope i get it :D

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Stories were told many years ago of a legendary artefact that granted the possessor untold riches; though how was never made fully clear. As you disembark Her Majesty's Air Ship "Sea Eagle", you reflect back to those days and nights spent with your Grandfather and his delightful selection of stories. Could they really be true after all? Could this be the start of the journey that will restore your family's honour and more importantly its fortune which was so quickly squandered away by your father?


""Stonemont: The Lost Tales"" is an RPG designed around the Steam-punk era, taking a mix of Victorian values, Wild West bravado, Jules Verne styled adventures and adding little nostalgia back into gaming. Combining the latest visual techniques, together with a specially designed back-end, the aim is to provide a gaming experience that brings back memories of a gentler time where cooperation yields beneficial results over combative play.

As you begin your adventures, you are lead carefully through the game's user-interface via a number of interactive NPCs. The basics of each element are quickly covered, though the subtle nuances will not become apparent for some time.

Having graduated from the tutorial, you will be asked to join one of the three guilds each providing a different style of game-play. As the exact details of how these different guilds operate is known only to a select few, the player may allow a random selection or choose one based on what little (intentionally) information is present at this stage. Players are free to change at a later stage although restrictions are in place to prevent mass "jumping ship" or "frequent flyers".

The core activities in the game include resource gathering, crafting and trading, each of which allow you to compete in the grand expositions held weekly. These are large activities involving as many users as possible and tie together the experiences of both individuals, teams and guilds alike.

Fleshing things out

Raw materials including base metals, timber, leather and fine sand along with specialist oils found only in rare locales are all important to every player, however each individual may elect to specialize in one form or another and trust their trading skills are sufficient to gain access to the others. Once you have gathered enough stock, you can start to learn the crafting skills in order to turn your raw materials into something worth a lot more. As with basic resource gathering, it is wise to specialize in certain types of crafting in order to profit from the considerable experience gains to be had.

Training of certain key areas can improve your basic skills here, however each additional level of training costs considerably more than the last so care needs to be exercised to maintain the flow of funds.

The weekly expositions involve the solving of puzzles, some easy, some complex; however they all essentially fit a pattern in that the players must strive to complete the puzzle by filling in the "blanks" with the raw materials and crafted products they amass during the week. These rounds serve to bolster players experiences and cement friendships.

The puzzles are made of small Rube Goldberg / Heath Robinson / "Was passiert dann Maschine" styled machines where parts are provided by the players to complete their design. By providing the correct number and type of component parts, the puzzle can be fully complete and bonus experience awarded to all participants.

Having a wide range of skills each with their own individual experience levels rather than a single overall "level" allows the players the ability to compete from every possible angle and from very early on in the game. With the rich diversity that Steam-punk itself provides and the ability to draw upon early classic science and fantasy fiction (a favourite of the design team) there is a great deal of scope for expansion to be found.

Premium services are planned, however only after sufficient time has elapsed to rid the system of any lingering bugs or unexpected item side effects. Ideally, premium players would benefit from a wider range of activities, locations and items, given the wide-reaching genre this should not prove problematic.

Dipping a toe in

While there is no real need to get into specific details regarding the exact composition of every aspect of the game perhaps a few brief appetisers would prove favourable:

The raw materials comprise roughly of: copper, zinc and iron, polished mahogany, walnut and teak, fine sand, soda and lime (for glass making).

From those, players can make a range small goods including: brass fittings and bearings, wooden cases, cog-wheels, glass knobs and blown glass containers.

With improved production facilities and crafting skills comes the ability to create gas lamps, pocket watches, large clocks, small arms including the famed duelling pistols the blunderbuss and the seriously over-powered though highly inaccurate punt-gun, telescopes, steam boilers, and even mechanical limbs.

The very experienced players will have the chance to combine their resources to produce some very other items such as steam powered auto-mobiles, submersible and flying ships, calculating machines etc.

During the game, players will meet and interact with a large number of NPCs including "Alvah Higgleshank" our talented though occasionally daffy seamstress, "Philip Steelvolt" the curator at the Museum of Iniquity and of course "Sir Bartram Jollywheel" the Master of Ceremonies who apart from being a dreadful old bore, is responsible for the maintaining some semblance or order at the duelling tourneys.

Teaming up

If guilds are a mechanism designed in part to provide differing types of game-play, then the teams build upon this idea but on a smaller scale. As teams are expensive and time consuming to build, players will hopefully become strongly attached to their own, and in turn specialize thus producing better experience gains. Contention is expected certainly between players individually which can be settled over a duel, while any contention arising between teams will be settled in the manner of gentlemen with a large contest to determine the winner. Prizes will be awarded for these tourneys making them an important part of your character's life.

As hopefully, can be seen, throughout the game, cooperative play is rewarded and as players work together they will find that their experience gains for any task improves with both repetition and working with the same people. A self-levelling process, this system is designed to bring players together albeit with some friendly rivalry from time to time.

Features and Differences

Unlike many other text-based games, Stonemont: TLT does away with many small restrictions such as the requirement for unique display names and user ID # suffixes. Disassociating the display technology from the logic enables more client-side work and simpler server-side operations. While players can amass large experience and financial rewards, the game ensures that high inflation cannot take over in part by self-levelling systems, and through wise data-type choices. Having done away with CAPTCHAs a while back, there is some consideration being given to providing some form of automation API actively promoting the use of external player-driven “bot” players.

The NPC actors themselves are in fact a form of bot written in a mix of compiled languages and interacting directly with the game via a specialized message queue. The design of these actors is such that altering their conversation is an easy task as is moving them from one location or indeed one game to another.

The visual aspect of the game is, given the genre, very rich; with a warm colour scheme and simple controls. Externally every attempt is made to ensure that the game itself is playable from a variety of mediums and possibly embedded platforms (think smart-phones, Facebook etc.). Full templating with a well documented request and response structure gives the designers the ability to change the look and feel without necessarily involving the programming team.

Server Side

Internally, the game is split into a number of different sections, covering storyline design, play testing, event logging and reporting. The large number of relatively static design components (items, places, NPCs etc.) relies upon NoSQL solutions while the heavily dynamic data is RW split from the outset across multiple back-ends allowing for quick and easy scaling and more importantly automatic backups. Logging uses RRD technology to reduce the quantity of data held yet retain the ability to perform detailed analysis.

The staffing system follows a more formal modal, in that staff are there to act as guides; they have no access to player data nor design data. If problems arise with spam or any form of verbal and/or textual abuse they can deal with it appropriately. The design team control the story line, the items, the NPCs etc. in reality, all the static data. Once the initial game is released, any changes they make will be based upon play-testers reactions and to an extent existing game logs to see how well something has gone down with the players in the past.

Technologies used: HA proxy load balancer feeding NGinx which in turn serves static and user uploaded media and feeds other requests to the application servers running Apache and PHP. Dual headed MySQL node with hot swappable standby in read-only mode supplying replication facilities out the offline storage facilities. Redis and/or MemCache providing static data access, dynamic query caching and front end template caching. RRD server handling logging and tracking all requests. AMPQ stack dealing with message handling and processing the irregular timed jobs. Python (Tornado-based) back-end providing remote monitoring facilities, cooperating with the RRD to feed a suite of real-time monitoring facilities. All front-end systems run BSD while the development and support systems are all Slackware based.


A couple of quick Q&As

Yes, the game is feasible. Not only feasible but large parts are already tried and tested and running on production boxes as we speak. In fact, certain aspects have been in use for over 4 years. The NPC system was initially designed for an McCodes product though it has evolved somewhat. The self-levelling systems were designed more recently, and are remarkably simple to implement even though their basis resides with mathematicians.

The server-side set-up does appear complex however it is designed with scalability in mind. It can degrade down to a single AMP stack, however to ensure the game is as responsive as possible and that both code and data are full protected against multiple forms of attack, the system is split into essentially several small self-healing elements; none of which are themselves a SPoF.

Need more information ? PM me

Stonemont: The Lost Tales -- Preliminary Draft Document

Copyright © 2012 Node86 Group

All Rights Reserved.

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Chicka idea is interesting yet would need a lot more work to define what / how / why: a story line, rules, game features and more.

Hedge would be my runner up, it's a good start.

And the winner for me is Octarine.


A story, an idea, and even some work done. Certainly the most detailed entry in this contest too.

Congratulations to Octarine, wasn't expecting an try from you ;) anyhow, head to http://www.nw-engine.com, register an account, then PM me your username there, I will add you a full license right away.

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