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As i was following Mccode v2, people are finding it hard to make themes , mods for it. so i was trying to make a version of GL similar to it and i hope i was succeed to help people to enjoy GL engine because its really much better than Mccode (of course we are grateful for @Dayo to give us such an amazing engine)

I have deleted some of mods from the GL engine and edited/added other mods to correct the version with Mccode (its just the beginning of developing this version, if people liked it then there will be many updates for it).

Let's talk about some of the version features:

  1. Properties: Player can buy his property (house) to increase happiness, as much as his happiness is high his chances are high in crimes (also there are fees everyday for owning a property).
  2. Crimes: Crimes now work by nerve and not time ,nerve increases 2 points with your level. also you can require item or course to commit a crime.
  3. Items: items now have durability where you can either choose being breakable or make a hit durability.
  4. Inventory: your character can have 2 weapons and 1 armor which you can use to attack another players.
  5. Jobs: players can get a job to gain stats and money per day, also admin can add job ranks to give players chance to promote in their job.
  6. Education: players can learn courses to be able to commit more crime, apply to jobs, increase their gain from gym.
  7. Shops: admin can make shops for each location and choose what items to sell there.
  8. Attack system: a new attack system depend on players stats and also their weapons/armors power.
  9. New theme: the version comes with full responsive bootstrap 5 theme.
  10. Gangs: gangs are able to declare/end and surrender in wars, for each attack during the war the gang gets 1 respect and the other losses 1 as well.

and much more you can discover yourself, also do not forget thar i'd like to hear if you have got any suggestion or idea 😉

Test the version in here:



Update 1.1.0:

  1. Send items from your inventory.
  2. Sell items from your inventory.
  3. Gang inventory ,donate items and sending items.
  4. User health increases automatically each 120 seconds.
  5. Added an the ability to let the user choose how much item to buy from the shop.
  6. Added an ability to create an account in bank, and earning +2% of your deposits everyday.
  7. Diamonds shop is ready to use, you can add any item you want there.
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  • AlizHarb changed the title to AzHCode

Update 1.2.0:

  1. Theme editor and theme builder was edited (Thanks for @Dayo)
  2. Merits system was added
  3. Admin can edit each crime success, failure and jail texts from ACP also he can choose an item as a reward
  4. Watch last 10 logs of the user in his profile , and watch all game logs in ACP 
  5. Federal jail was added
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Update 1.3.0:

  1. Name masks was added to game ,user can add a mask for his name and also gift another player. (admin can add masks from ACP)
  2. Users can sell their items in items shop
  3. Users shop: user are able to sell their items and choose price for it, also they can manage their shops name and description.
  4. User guide was added to let you able to explain the game for the players.
  5. Mobile UI was updated to have a better look
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Update 1.4.0:

  1. Require level to buy a house or use an item
  2. Require course for buying a property
  3. Added new merits options (decreasing energy, nerve, life and happy regen timers)
  4. Give user/users and send an item for a user.
  5. sort inventory by the items type
  6. Newspaper was added
  7. Light or dark theme by user
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Update 1.5.0
  1. User gender was added, now users can choose their gender when register
  2. Add friend, enemy , report a player and referral was added (thanks for @Dayo, @ags_cs4for free mods)
  3. User profile layout was updated
  4. Staff page was added (players can see the staff members)
  5. Gangs were added to leaderboards
  6. Now crimes are in groups, you can sort them also with car thefts
  7. Send money, diamonds were added to user profile
  8. Items rarity was added, you can set each item by rarity
  9. Login layout was updated
  10. Light theme was upgraded
  11. Upgraded premium member effects
  12. Docks was added
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Update 1.7.0
  1. Now you can add an image to be logo for crimes / thefts
  2. Marriage system was added, firstly user has to get a ring to be able to request marriage (Male -> Female)
  3. Players now can sell diamonds in their shops
  4. Gangs now can make a tag and send message for all users
  5. Now if you uploaded a bootstrap 3 mod will be auto converted to bootstrap 4-5
  6. Meta tags generator was added for admin ,can generate any meta tag he wishes (helps with seo)
  7. Started Pack was added (admin can set the pack from admin panel)
  8. Pets system was added to game , player can buy and train his own pet.
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Update 1.8.0

  1. World map was added
  2. Workshop was added (now players can upgrade their weapons) only the upgradable weapons
  3. Feeding pet was added , now you have to feed your pet to keep him active
  4. Stop tutorial , change gender and uploading avatar in user settings
  5. User moments are added, now players can add posts to their profile with/without images
  6. Daily rewards added (admin can choose reward for users)
  7. Attack system was improved and attack logs was added
  8. Gang crimes was added
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Update 1.9.0
  1. Notes was added ,now players can add/delete notes as they wish
  2. Now you can pay for someone and get him out from federal jail (admin chooses amount of diamonds for each day)
  3. Specific level for creating a gang and creating cost (admin can choose them from admin ACP)
  4. Now players can search in alley to find items , they can get damaged by a boss or mug a player randomly while they are searching (admin can control the alley settings from admin ACP)
  5. User protection was added ,now admin can choose how many days the new player can be protected
  6. Mug was added
  7. Old logs can be removed every specific days by admin choose
  8. Items event system was added, now admin can create an even and add items for it so players can pay diamonds to find items
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Update 2.0.0

  1. Loan system was added
  2. Events mod was improved
  3. Inventory layout and system was improved
  4. Attack layout and system was improved
  5. User statistics was added
  6. Admin can upload and edit logo and favicon from admin acp
  7. Sitemap was added
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Update 2.1.0

  1. User country flag was added to user profile (by IP)
  2. Admin now can set the time zone from the admin ACP
  3. Contest was added (best 3 players in hour/day) 
  4. Dark theme was updated and improved
  5. Mobile theme was updated
  6. Login theme was updated , now more modern and with last attack logs
  7. Chat was added to the game, admin can fully control it from admin ACP , thanks @Dayo for shoutbox mod
  • Time between each message by seconds
  • Characters limits
  • How many messages to display in chat
  • Remove chat
  • Send private message
  • Hashtag to redirect for game pages
  • Tag players
  • Ban words
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Update 2.2.0:

  1. Bugs fixed
  2. Mute player was added to admin options in chat
  3. Users advertisement was added in the top of game
  4. Prevent block multiple login for same user
  5. Autocomplete was added for some pages which required entering a player name
  6. Properties was readded ,now you can add casinos to game and players can own them


Sale for 48 hours!

The version is for 85$!

Also AzH-GL is 85$ For 48 Hours.

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Update 2.3.0:

  1. Default theme was upgraded to work with themeEditor and themeBuilder was deleted
  2. Gang chat was added
  3. Kill system was improved and weapon accuracy was added to weapons effect
  4. You can require a course for learning another course
  5. You can add crime name, reward in crime messages
  6. Admin can disable users adv from admin panel
  7. Bugs fixed

Note: If you are interested to buy game content (items, crimes , courses, etc...) DM me 😉 

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1 minute ago, cobraz said:

Starting to get there now Aliz. Recommend people buying this script 🙂

Thank you , just trying to make it easier for people to build their dream game 😛

Update 2.3.1

  1. Bugs fixed
  2. Characters was added to the game, admin can add unlimited characters from admin acp and users can choose from them before starting to play
  3. Helmet and pants were added to the user item
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Update 2.4.0

  1. New login layout and login theme editor
  2. IPad layout was upgraded
  3. Admin can control the gangs inventories 
  4. Current available events show in the top of home page
  5. GPDR was added , thanks for @NIF
  6. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are added , can be edited from admin panel -> pages -> login / register
  7. Ajax was applied on the game , thanks for @Dayo
  8. Display all user statistics in a page
  9. Bugs fixed
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1 minute ago, orsino said:

1 point of criticism 

keep the updates easy to do 

what i mean is so we do not need to download the whole game everytime and replace all the modules folder 

Sure ,soon updates will try to limit the updated mods 😉

Update 2.4.3

  1. Ability to delete all notifications
  2. Converter from bs3 to bs5 now works with ajax
  3. Bugs fixed
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