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So I recently got back into mafia text based games, played them for a long time was staff on some well known MTBGs 

I have two questions.

One being what engine would it be better to me to play around with and learn (Free Version) you will understand why in the second question.

Two being what do I need to learn coding wise to run and maintain a mafia text based game, I recently lost my job from corona so I'm looking into making money online, By owning & playing a game I love.


I lied there's more questions where would I be able to find a hosting service where I can play around with the engine and test results when I'm upto that stage.



If this helps any I take inspiration from https:/prisonstruggle.com and torn.com

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20 hours ago, ags_cs4 said:

I would say go with html css php mysql and do some extra study xith js will be good for animations....


For the host try mwg host it cheap for what you want to do

So the online youtube courses, for example the begginer HTML course a once over should be fine or how should I go over it

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Best engine to start learning from would be Mccodes if you contact the OWNER'/S im sure they would give u a developer licence they did for me one time and i got a copy of Mccodes v2 for free but not aloud to start a game was for develping modules and learning. That said GL (gangsters Legends Engine is free) it might look like i cant learn this but its actually very easy once u learn what does what on the engine same with @Adam owner of grpg v2 he might allow u a developer license then u see what u think is best.

So with that being said here is the engine which i rate has most content.

Mccodes / GL Engine - mccodes is made up of html css and php and javascript etc i dont think it runs on bootstrap so leaves it a little behind and not optimized for browsers

GL is build is html css bootstap php javascript jquery bootstrap json but once u look at a simple module and look where u put base code and how to make the code be handled for example bank.tpl would show u all the html and the bank now if you wanted to add the deposit and add bank.inc.php this handles all the querys checks etc 

GRPG - own of the owners added a very easy pdo wrapper which handles queries to the database  super simple to learn rest is html css and  little bootstrap

I attached a blank GL-template i call it has all the files required to make your code work because it was for me there is no personal notes in it etc. just empty files with the base code for each new module you want.


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