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updating from php 7 to php 8 enum issue


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ok I am making my own game script and I for some reason started it in php 7. Now that i upgraded to php 8 i cant get gender(in the database as enum) to display as text i can only get it to display a blank spot where the text should be which gives an array offset error or i get it to display as a number the game is also running on PDO. Does anyone have any suggestions?


oh and im doing it all from xampp not sure if that matters

i had to change it to int and add if 1 male else if 2 female etc if anyone knows a better way to do it in php 8 let me know

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adding more detail
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Maybe I’m not understanding isset I know with pho 8 you can’t just have 


it needs to be isset($row[‘gender’])

maybe it’s the isset? I don’t fully understand isset 

Without it I get array offset errors

I will post the code tomorrow I need to wait for my data to renew I don’t have internet I only use mobile hotspot….

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So I got it to work but I still get this error it was the isset causing it not to display but I’m not sure how to get it to display without throwing an error the code that is actually causing the problem are these 2(it will be more once I remove all the isset now that I understand it a little more)

$this->sex = $row[‘gender’];

$this->crazy = $row[‘crazy’];


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It's telling you it's returning null in the error, so I'd say that either,

1) You do not have a default, or have not set, the value for gender (use NOT NULL in the database creation SQL)

2) You are selecting an invalid response.


Note: If you are posting code, please post code - 5 lines before, 5 lines after - PHP's error handling doesn't already pick the correct line.

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Ok I will try that I thought it already was not null but I might be wrong thank you and I have edited it so I knew that those 2 are causing the issue once I get home and on the pc I will try it 

ya it’s already not null

And 5 lines above and 5 lines under are the same just with isset() because it was full of them I did that thinking it would fix it because I didn’t fully understand isset not I know it basically says 0 or 1 lol


I remembered I had to do 

__construct($foo = NULL) { 

To get it to work is there something I can change that to?

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The only way I can get it to go away is if above the error I add. 

$row[‘gender’] = ‘’;

above the error but I know that’s the incorrect way to fix it 

That being said it’s backend stuff and I would like to do that for the whole users table so it would be an insane amount of extra bs 

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function __construct($id = null) {
         global $db;
      $db->query('SELECT userid, name, pass, level, experance, jail, hospital, gender, race, FROM players WHERE userid = ?');
      $row = $db->fetch_row(true);
          $this->id = isset($row['userid']);
          $this->name = isset($row['name']);
          $this->pas = isset($row['pass']);
          $this->level = isset($row['level']);
          $this->exp = isset($row['experance']);
          $this->jail = isset($row['jail']);
          $this->hospital = isset($row['hospital']);
          $this->gender = $row['gender'];
          $this->race = $row['race'];
          $players = players::getInstance();


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So i tried that and the error went away but it’s still not showing I am a male it’s just showing the default which I have it as ‘Male’,’Female’,’Unsure’ 

“Unsure” is default and that’s all that is displaying 

Never mind that fixed it it was displaying the default because of one of my fix attempts going wrong lol thank you

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On 8/24/2021 at 11:31 PM, KyleMassacre said:

$this->sex = isset($row['gender']) ? $row['gender'] : null;

Null Coalesce, baby!

$this->sex = $row['gender'] ?? null;

Onto that function - that is TOTALLY the wrong approach.

At the very least, that function should early-return an error, since you are selecting from the database by an integer field. If you are selecting by integer, your $id default should be an integer, so:

function __construct($id = 0)

Querying and then converting all the queries seems like you're adding complexity for no reason too. Simply assign the results of $row to $this->user, like so:

function __construct($id = 0)
    global $db;

    $db->query('SELECT userid, name, pass, level, experance, jail, hospital, gender, race FROM players WHERE userid = ?');
    $row = $db->fetch_row(true);
    if (is_null($row)) {
        throw new Exception('User could not be found.');

    $this->user = $row;

Also, note the early-return? If there is no result, you should stop processing because you don't have the data required for the function I'd say, since you're loading this in the __construct, that would normally indicate it's needed.

The above then let's you access all object properties using $this->user->field


PS: Experience is spelt wrong. Shouldn't be a comma after race in the query either; that will break the query and return nothing.

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