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Quick question for all you programmers out there; how many of you are running an active McCodes game (any version), have plans for one in the near (< 9 months) future, or indeed know of any actively managed games out there?

I have only one; a stock code-base used purely to demonstrate new mods etc (so not really an active game). I do run a couple of other McCodes esq. games however one was written in Python, the other was a complete redesign from the ground up and since neither contain original code; they don't really count.

I ask as I have a set of mods that I would like to showcase; some of which are free, some open-source, and some commercial.

I've no doub it would be good to build up a list of active games for some of the programmers to try and get their own mods publicised - there was an old post somewhere on this board but I suspect that everything on it will be out of date!

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About MilitaryChaos

Welcome to the land of MilitaryChaos, a place of time travel and wonderous adventures for all who seek them out. First let us recount the worlds beginning, it was created by the mighty Leader's of time, Silent Killer and illusions, but forged by the legendary warriors who used to walk the land. Now its upto you to follow in their footsteps and forge the new age of MilitaryChaos. So battle your way to fame throughout the ages, and perhaps you too, will end up in the might valhalla with the other legendary warriors..



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On 3/5/2019 at 12:58 PM, Magictallguy said:

Carnal Cove started as MC Codes. A standard module for MCC would not work on CC without edits, but I'd be happy to put in the time.
Looking for an actively-managed-but-still-MCC-at-the-core site might be trying to find piss in the sea - it exists, but we don't talk about it xD

really good approach


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