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ZPlague - Zombie Survival Text-Based MMORPG (Pre-Alpha)


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Good day MWG, I just thought of posting my game here and hoping some people might be interested with games that are out of mafia style gameplay, since it seems that most of the game makers/developers here are more into mafia/gang theme games.

So i just started the game few days ago and tried to publish it online. You can check it out here, http://zombieplague.ga

I included a pre-alpha test video on the homepage just to give players an overview or idea how the gameplay works and how would it look like. Visitors will also be able to see the game completion, user registration will be up when the game completion is probably around 80-90%, as of now. There are only 2 player accounts registered, and those are for testing only.

About ZPlague

ZPlague is a survival text-based MMORPG set in a zombie infested post-apocalyptic city created to satisfy your zombie obsession. ZPlague allows you to craft your own weapons, equip items, sell or buy items, travel through the city, enter different buildings, scavenge supplies, fortify bases, create your own group/allies, battle with other players, loot other player's resources, do daily quests in exchange of cash/items and much more.

If you're a fan of zombie themed games/movies/tv shows like the famous The Walking Dead or games like State of Decay where people needed to scavenge items, build and defend shelter, fight against zombies or other people for survival then you might want to try out this game.

Game Features

I'll keep on updating this thread if ever i needed to specially if there are added major features in the Game. I'll list below features that have been created so far.

  • personal home
  • outpost
  • travel through cities, enter blocks and areas - (dynamic according to player wits, the more wits you have, the further you can travel to the city, thus unlocking more location and areas for camping or scavenge purposes)
  • status system (status,ap,wits)
  • monetary system
  • battle system (player vs infected/zombies)
  • scout area - (revealing # of infected/survivors in an area)
  • attack barricade - for barricaded area
  • survivors team-up (increased survivability) - allows multiple users to team up in an area to make killing of zombies easier and avoid being infected easily.
  • inventory - use / equip / unequip / discard items
  • search items in area

On-creation modules/Things currently working on:

  • extra multiplayer features
  • outpost enhancements - new area (sewer)

Coming Up

  • outpost - gambling area
  • outpost - market place - where people can buy/sell/trade items
  • outpost - view people - attack them, steal items from their homes, etc..
  • addon battle system - player vs player
  • group/clan/team system
  • addon battle system - team vs team
  • daily quest system
  • item craft system

There are still tons of functionalities/modules to create and I'll keep working on it as good as I can and as fast as I can. I know that I'm not the only one that are involved in the success of this project if ever, it always includes the supporters, this forum and its people.

Home Page [ATTACH=CONFIG]n374932[/ATTACH]


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[uSER=70347]NonStopCoding[/uSER], @Coly

thank you so much for appreciating it, your feedback cheers me up a lot..

[uSER=64603]Sim[/uSER] - I hardcoded it from scratch, I built it myself.. :) but if you ask what framework I follow, that would be mvc without service layer..


​Where's the real domain?

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​Where's the real domain?

Unsure why a real domain changes anything, especially whilst the project is in pre-alpha.

This looks really interesting, glad to see you've followed the MVC principles. Looking forward to seeing this in a production state.

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