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Cost of V2 licence


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About a year ago, not as little as 50%. I've seen v2 licenses being marketed for USD60$, USD40$ (not sold I don't think), USD60$ (sold).

So, the price fluctuates between 60%+ (from old stats, if you want the sell/buy)

You're probably looking at spending USD50$+ for a license in 2015; though I've not had first hand experience with selling a license recently, so I may be off.

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I was given mine by ColdBlooded, don't think I can sell it.

However if it's alright by ColdBlooded, Dayo can have mine, just needs CB to transfer it over, I've not got a use for it.


Lets be honest the engine is dead, and you can just about download v2 anywhere just saying and even if you havent a licence mccodes wont do anything about it but if this was 8 years ago i wouldnt be saying this

Just because something is dead does not mean you can just use it for free.

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