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    MWG new topic

    I 100% agree with you, especially when you stated "My usual suggestion would be to see where the forum goes (allow content to be created fairly freely by anyone) and create/adjust categories accordingly" I too think more freedom should be given to the user to be able to create categories. And it would help alot if people who new their stuff were brought in to managed certain categories to provide help and tutorials when needed.
  2. Yeh i do this aswell, I've a staff log system which logs everything staff members do not only in the staff panel but in game aswell, just so i can track you know
  3. No!. I think this would be silly especially if the person didn't intend to access the page on purpose. The error "you cannot do such and such while in jail" is in place for a purpose, in reality the user shouldn't and wouldn't be able to access the page and if they happen to navigate to the "forbidden page" boooom the power of php comes in and simply checks if the user has the correct privilege to access the page e.g if the users in jail then don't allow access and so on... But don't feel negative about my response :) it's good to share ideas and such i'll give you a like.
  4. jcvenom

    MWG new topic

    So far we have seen the ups and downs of the MWG community. Although McCodes in my opinion was MWG's most talked about topic I feel like we have to accept it's faith, look MCC is dead... In my eyes without it we see a community slowly dying. The lack of support back then has truly affected this forum and I'd hate to see it die but if nothing is done about it the forum will most likely die. I'd like to praise [uSER=53642]dave[/uSER] for taking over the forum and giving us a nice revamp he should really be applauded. Id also like to thank some of MWG's hardworking members who give their time t
  5. No problem i'm glad I could help. Also you might want to change this $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` = 10000, `exp` = `exp` + 10000, `crystals` = `crystals` + 5000 WHERE `lma` = 1"); $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` = 10000, `exp` = `exp` + 10000, `crystals` = `crystals` + 5000 WHERE `mostzkills` = 1"); to this Explanation: you were making the users money = $10,000 rather than adding $10,000 just apply the code below to your current as you say fixed version and your done :) anymore issues feel free to post $db->qu
  6. Correct my work if needed, I corrected what I could understand from the code above so i'm not 100% sure how it's meant to work btw it's untested //check to see how many humans are left $humans_alive_query = $db->query("SELECT COUNT(`userid`) AS `humansalive` FROM `users` WHERE `humanorzombie` = 0"); $haq = $db->fetch_row($humans_alive_query); $humansalive = (int) $haq['humansalive']; //Human //if there is only one human then select the user and credit them with there awards if ($humansalive == 1) { //Fetch the Last user that is a human (Winner in this case) $last_man = $db->fetch_
  7. There's actually quite a few errors I see like $z1=$db->fetch_row($db->query("SELECT `userid`,`username`,`zombiekills` FROM `users` WHERE `zombiekills` > 0 AND `humanorzombie` = 1 ORDER BY `zombiekills` DESC Limit 1")); //set the user who killed the most humans as a zombie $db->query("UDATE `users` SET `mostzkills` = 1 WHERE `userid` = {$z1}"); This line $db->query("UDATE `users` SET `mostzkills` = 1 WHERE `userid` = {$z1}"); Should actually be   $db->query("UDATE `users` SET `mostzkills` = 1 WHERE `userid` = {$z1['userid']}");   I'll have a look a
  8. ok, well i appreciate the help from everyone else thank you
  9. You're wasting your time, bringing up the past, maybe you misinterpreted what I stated at the start, or maybe I didn't explain in a more simplified way for you to understand. I really don't care about what you're saying, you're the only one here trying to look for trouble whereas everyone else has applied themselves to my question and helped me understand something I already know period!.
  10. I'm no longer coding for clients either, which doesn't mean I can't develop either I still have 3 and half years experience on me. I had a thought about that and I really want to be prepared and I want to correct myself so I can be up to standard, can't be delivering code that's not meeting standards e.g OOP so I've taken a break from that and finishing my studies and hopefully I'll into manchester uni for computer science and develop in a proper developer there. Anyways I'm working on my game and hope to have it released later this month hopefully, It's hard work working by yourself with such
  11. Thanks for the example :) , but I've already figured it out and my system I've built works fine, all I was confused about was how to create an array with my while loop results, I've also tried it this way prior to you posting this, and to answer your question about client work I've never done something like this... That's why I posted here to maybe get an explanation from those better than me with a better understanding. Thank you anyways hope that answers your question
  12. I just need an example mate, I'm not arguing nor did I post this because I think I know it all, I'm just asking for help and if you seriously feel like not helping me maybe someone else will anyways thank you
  13. Yes I know it's capable of that, and No I didn't claim to know anything I'm just asking for help and you seem to know more so I'd appreciate the help and not bringing things up thank you - - - Updated - - -   And I'm using procedural PHP, not OOP. After I'm done school I'm starting computer science and I'll learn it there
  14. I'm currently using mysqli. I think you're slightly mistaken I do realise this is basic PHP correct me if I was wrong, If I was using $emojis = array(':eyes:'=>'<img src="whatever"/>'); I could easily just use str_ireplace(array_keys($emojis),array_values($emojis), $string); But it's my fault for not giving you a clear understanding, basically I want to loop the emojis stored in my database and store them in an array but it's an unexpected challenge i'm facing any ideas would prove useful
  15. Thanks for this :) only question I have is how would I loop all the emojis from the database into an array? I really don't want to type array(':smile:'=>'<img src="so and so"/>'); 300 times
  16. I think this would've done the same thing if I used a regex //It wont let me post the regex code so its replacing it with an image in the forums so remove the " / " after the : $matches = regex($content, ':/(*){0:10}:'); foreach($m as $matches){ $ccm->query("SELECT `e_name` FROM `emojis` WHERE `e_name` = '".$ccm->escape($m)."'"); if($ccm->num_rows) $content = replace(':$m:', '<img ...>') }
  17. Thank you very much - - - Updated - - -   OK thanks anyway
  18. Close, but not entirely what I'm looking for, you see the text in the db for example would look like ( eyes ) and the emoji being inputted into the textarea on the userend would be :eyes:, therefore my code would search the content for :eyes:, then remove the : and the search the db for eyes and load its image
  19. I have about 300 emojis, and I really don't want to type   $emoji = array(':eyes:'=>'eyes'); //Now type that 300 times //instead i want to do this foreach ($emoji as $value) { $emojis = array( ':'.$value.':'=>''.$value.'' ); echo var_dump($emojis)."<br/>"; );
  20. I've been working on an emoji feature for a forum i'm building and I ran into a little problem. Firstly I was wondering would it be possible to create an array from a foreach loop like this? Then find all occurrences of string? And is what I've explained below possible Thank you   $fetch_emojis = $ccm->query("SELECT * FROM `emojis`"); $num=0; while($e = $ccm->fetch_row($fetch_emojis)) { $num++; $emoji[] = $e['e_name']; } foreach ($emoji as $value) { $emojis = array( ':'.$value.':'=>''.$value.'' ); /*I would need something to
  21. I would like to apologize to these 3 [MENTION=71662]CaptainQuack[/MENTION] [MENTION=71663]IllegalPigeon[/MENTION] and @rob0t1337 , for my childish manner and they way I behaved when they tried to give me great information about coding, I would also like to apologise for any bad language used, towards them or anyone else, they are great people and I would highly recommend them, not just as developers but as great people of MWG, very helpful, I would like to thank them for the information they gave me on coding, and I feel they deserve a public apology, you guys deserve better than the rude
  22. Remove what I told you to remove, secondly your sessions are handled in your style_top $_SESSION['playerid'] has been setup in your style_top
  23. I'm 100% with what I said, your going around spamming other peoples game, slandering people causing chaos, now clients are asking me about your game etc which I hadn't a clue existed until about a week and a half ago, as for your RC engine which is full of bugs, you may have purchased a licence to use the engine but you got scammed with your current copy, since you "UPGRADED" to a modified version. Incase you didn't know the person that sold you the modified version mr killer is using the exact version for multiple game he owns to scam players as we can see here. Your game [ATTACH=CONFIG]2
  24. That's not the issue me.playerid = m.playerid its meant to be like that, the m. part of the code is the members table of your query
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