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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Game


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It's actually pretty funny, cause in the pet sim game dev world, almost everyone is female. :D Only outside our tiny little niche - like here, on a forum about web games in general - is there less female presence.

I think. :P Thank you guys for the welcome! And glad you enjoyed the article. :)

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Welcome to the forum and nice article, i have failed on almost every point you have said above :P

Point #7 is the whole reason why i never do any freelance work (plus the fact i have no time to do my own work let alone others :P)

One thing i would add to this list is properly plan everything first, at work we have spent the last 5 months re-writing a 4 year-old project because it was not planned out at the very start. You have to plan every feature and plan how the features integrate with each other. For the project im working on at work we spent about 40 man hours planning the features and because of this as we knew what we were coding and what we were trying to achieve. It saved us alot of time in the long run as we knew the code for xxxxxx module was going to be used within the modules x, y and z.

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