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Looking for someone to create me a few mods.

I am looking for a ajax mail system or atleast something better than my mail system.

And a another feature that I don't really want to say out in the public, hopefully MTG would coment saying he's available :rolleyes: but if your a good developer feel free to comment or message me. My price range is 15-20$ per mod.

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Any particular reason why you want an AJAX mail system? I think if that would be defined better, there may be a better solution than AJAX for your purposes.

At any rate, [MENTION=70347]NonStopCoding[/MENTION] is a reliable coder, so I'm pretty confident in knowing that he would be able to create something for your provided that he knows what you would want.

I would throw my hat in the ring on this, but I still have school for the next couple of months, so I don't have any time to do contract work. Best of luck though! I'm sure that if someone is available and can do it that you'll get your mods done.


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There are some alternatives to your mail system to give it the feel of ajax without it being ajax (at least fully dependent on ajax). You can check out datatables.net which I use quite a bit for stuff and is a really easy to use and pretty cool data table. It provides pagination and searching capabilities. Just create a table, give it an id, throw in its small jQuery method and let er' rip.

Also so if you use bootstrap you can just use their modals and create a pop up form to create/reply to messages.

I don't want to tell you what to add to your game by merely throwing out some ideas that can save you some cash instead of trying to hire someone. I just ask you to check it out if you haven't seen it because you might like it

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