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  1. I've been working from home now, which in doing so I have actually gotten more work done than I did at the work office 🙂 Also - with a new home purchase recently, being home all the time has given me the time to do some projects around the house. The only big negative is due to the current lock down (still in lock down here) absolutely everything is being ordered online. My food supplies are only the necessity needed to live, not so much the luxuries that I had before. But in true retrospect, I can't really complain. ~G7470
  2. Out and about again on here - cool to see some old faces as well as some new faces 😄

  3. Glad to see you back Dayo. Certainly been a while! Glad to hear that you're doing well for yourself and are now a full-time developer. Hope to hear more about your projects soon! ? ~G7470
  4. I'm liking it so far! Have to give you props, building something like this takes quite a lot of work. Just a couple of comments I noticed while watching the videos: In your conversation with "Captain", you were typing out what I'm assuming were key phrases in chat in order to work with the NPC. What is your plan for making sure that the user knows what those commands are? I noticed when you were using what I'm guessing are spells, the entire game lags quite a bit. How do you plan on cleaning that up? During your attack sequence, I was having a hard time splitting up betw
  5. One step at a time...

  6. G7470


    Thanks! It is good to see this back. This really helped continue to spark my interest in outside development. I hope that it continues to do so. I forgot to mention, I also help run a local group with all different programming levels. It just hit over 500 members last month I believe. Yes I have, haha. I'm one of those people that always seems to be doing something. Which reminds me that I need to update my website and blog...been a little behind on that lately. Thanks! I would say, all of my game projects I have come onboard after the game was "purchased". So they either used MCC
  7. G7470


    I hope so! It took some time for me to learn it, haha. I've heard about it for quite a while, so I figured I would give it a try. ~G7470
  8. G7470


    I have used typescript for work with the website re-implementation I'm in the process of finishing up for work. It has had its benefits, that's for sure. At least for me, since I didn't really have a whole lot of JavaScript to work with in the re-implementation process to begin with, I didn't use it much. ~G7470
  9. Let's see - well for me, I'm working on a side project called Mobster Story. Other than that, I have a few other side projects in the works, including a home-grown VoIP application, which right now is still in the bare bones development phase, but it is getting there. I know that these exist, but I do have some personal investment in this market, and with this sort of product, I could sell it for a much better price point than others could, as well as give them custom configuration options that others may not be able to do (benefits of a home-grown system). When it comes to my work projec
  10. G7470


    Hey everyone! I'm known here as G7470, or for some people, Goliath. I've been here since 2014; however, I started development in 2009 with the purchase of a game that some of you may remember called Mafia Caper, which turned into Gangster Sanctuary. I have been involved with side game projects since then, including Mobster Story (which I am just starting to get back into again), and Killers Instinct Mafia, which has since last I have talked about it here been sold. I currently live in the United States working for a University in their software development and security administration divi
  11. Been a while, that's for sure. Glad to see it back. ? ~G7470
  12. I use the "New Topics" view too, but I can't seem to find it anymore. This is all I see at the top: [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"new_topics_missing.PNG","data-attachmentid":378993}[/ATTACH] ~G7470
  13. You may be able to get one or the other here - it's difficult to find someone who is good at both, as those skill sets are entirely different. ~G7470
  14. [uSER=70347]NonStopCoding[/uSER] / [uSER=67703]adamhull[/uSER] isn't this something that's on GRPG? I can't really remember since it's been so long, but I know I've seen this before somewhere. If so, this could quite easily be translated to MCCodes lite. ~G7470
  15. G7470

    Review Feature

    From what I've tested out so far, besides what you have noted already: Images appear broken in the items/buildings area, but appear OK on the maker (Firefox, IE 11, Chrome) Zoom crashes the maker (Firefox) Panning the map crashes the maker (Firefox) Otherwise, it's certainly a good start. My suggestion would be to make these tiles bigger and easier to see. The items and buildings are so small that it's really hard to tell what the item is. I don't have much to comment on the source code itself right now, but if time permits, I may take a closer look at it. ~G7470
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