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  1. Just redesigning my map editor. Adding sprite data support so I can manage all the game data in one app. Redesigning the UI for better management and efficiency. Big task is saving to all data files in one operation, some files are shared between client and server, some client only and some server only. Node requires module exports so the start of the files need to be different. Backups already done so now the tricky part! Features will include auto-borders and brushes, tile stack reordering/deletion, stack evaluating (getting rid of unwanted tiles, such as a stack that doesn't need to be drawn), creature and NPC spawns, tile UID's for game interactions (scripts executed for a given tile.object with matching UID), sprite data editing (blockable, climbable and other data), and much more to come!
  2. Great game. Level 65 atm, 50 wins~ Needs a lot of new content and fast if it wants to keep its numbers up. Playing on xbox 🙂
  3. Hey, Like the layout of the site, and the loading speed is very good. I haven't really played these type of web games before so I was a little unsure what to do at first. You could possibly code a tutorial, maybe an overlay highlighting some starting things to do, and of course an option to skip. Even just a few absolute positioned divs marking the first things to do. I used my 5 nerve to try a lottery scam, and I got put in jail for 50 minutes haha. I was actually pretty gutted I got caught and will have to wait now, maybe an option to post bail? Fun though, I like it! Max
  4. max3009


    Hello, Joined back a while ago, but cool to see its back. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Max, a self taught web developer from the UK. I like to make web apps, tools and games. I use PHP primarily back-end, and I've been messing around with Node.js for the past few years. I know a lot about front-end and a moderate amount of back-end, but I am always happy to learn and excel. If anyone needs any help with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ajax, Node, I'll be happy to try and find a solution to the problem. Just give me a message. See you around! Max
  5. Hey G7470, Thanks for taking time and providing some constructive criticism! Its exactly what I need! Yes, I have found out the hard way that this is very very time consuming. To tell you the truth, creating the map just for testing is tiresome. Im current planning on creating brushes for my map editor which will reduce repetitive tasks like borders etc. To answer your questions: 1) I plan on making the keywords a different colour in order to differentiate keywords from normal text. I could also make them clickable too! 2) I assure you the lag does not exist! It is just Quicktime on a very old macbook that makes it look like it is lagging, the game is also running 60fps, the video only 30. 3) I completely understand what you are saying. I could possibly add a faint gradient for each level which should make them stand out visually. Maybe a 5% black overlay or something. Again, thank you for your time and I hope I have answered your questions. Max
  6. Welcome back, Joined in 2013, I did a lot of searching on the site but never posted anything. Now that I am creating a web game, I will be certainly checking this out daily. Good job! Max
  7. Hi, I have created my own 2D game engine using HTML5 Canvas + JavaScript(Node.js). Apart from the node infrastructure and graphics, I have built this from scratch. It is still in development, therefore I cant provide a direct link for you to play, but I have a quick youtube video to highlight my game and the map editor. I am not very good at video editing so its just a quick showcase of running around the map, creatures following and attacking, spells, logging in and out, changing the map and reloading, and NPCS. The graphics are ripped from another game I used to play, obviously I will be replacing these with my own eventually. I just needed something fast to test with. I am self taught and this is my first major scale game that I am attempting, but so far so good. Please take a look at my channel and if you have any comments, feel free to post. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfTiD1IpXjuQxtZFN_N1tsA Thanks, Max
  8. Hey Guys, I'm currently working on a browser multiplayer RPG (no name yet) Using Node.js as the server and HTML5 canvas, CSS, Javascript for the client. The style of the game is based on another game called Tibia, a 2.5d~ tile based open world, where you can battle creatures, solo or team hunt, find and complete quests. Grind and level up to buy new weapons and equipment. Its in very early development, to help build I am actually using Tibia's graphics as a base, of course I will hopefully have my own spritesheets but....its a big task on my own. Ive coded this from scratch, with no external help or libraries(except for Node.js ofc). Check out my channel here for videos and more info. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfTiD1IpXjuQxtZFN_N1tsA Some more info at my gamedev thread here too: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/700792-html5-canvas-online-rpg-morpg/ Thanks guys, Max
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