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*NeW* Testing New Game! Testers Please!


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(Above is updated screenshot. I have made some changes using some of you opinions!)

Hello Everyone!!

I have been working on a game of my own... It is very tedious work!

I am finally ready to get some good testing in!

I have an Application Made!


Or you can visit the website directly at


Please download and give me your advice! It is finally a game that isn't a MOBSTER GAME!

Thanks EVERYONE! Hope you can help me do the finishing touches it needs!




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My advice would be to make the text much bigger when mobile. As said before, it is extremely difficult to read any of the text on the game. It looks as if it is strictly a desktop design. It would be one thing if you only used the website, but when having a downloadable mobile app, that has to be appealing and easily readable on a mobile device; otherwise, people may quickly abandon your game.


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Wow, that mark up is bad, really bad.

Absolute positioned elements within the head tags?

Back to web design 101 for you, son.


Edit; on further examination, it seems you're declaring the html doctype twice, with head and body being called twice too.

Should only be one instance of the html mark up within a page -- may want to fix that.

With breaking the standards to that extent, you should expect some strange results with different browsers and whatnot.

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Lmao...I knew it wouldn't be long until people would tell me how horrible of a coder I am...

Totally self taught...actually I have been using these forums for quite awhile without making an account.

This is Mccodes v1 (free rights version)

I didn't quite understand what you meant by declaring header twice?

Where did I go wrong? :)

Thanks a lot for your input!

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