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Military Game For Sale


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Hello MWG,

I have been working on a 100% custom game throughout that last year and have recently released it. Recent events with my family have rendered me unable to show the active development i would like to have had, so today i am announcing the sale of my game. I really do hate to see it go.

A little about the game:

- Custom game - No mccodes, grpg, nwe, etc...

- Uses Codigniter framework

- Uses: MVC, OOP, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PDO

- Ready to be put up and release and easy to update/append to

- Can be found at: http://www.militaryrpg.com

What you will get:

- The codes for the game - zip file

- DB - sql file

- Support with understanding of the codes for 6 months, i will help you figure out what is where and other things like that


- Template


- 132 players - around 4 that log on daily.

- No money made since the release.

Price: Make me an offer! Do not try and make a $1 bid.

Any questions just drop them below!

Thanks for your time MWG!

P.S. If it does not sell ill hold on to the codes until someone does purchase it or i am able to pick up development again!

BACK FOR SALE 11/15/2014

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Who owns this now? I want it
[uSER=70578]CodingKid[/uSER] the last I heard. Sim PM about it, he was looking to sell it but I haven't heard if he did or not. And I was the last person to work on the code for this game I believe and if he does own it still and sell it to you, you'll need my help to understand some of the things I've added to it, mainly the storyline missions
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Yes I still own this game after buying it from Colum, he himself will vouch that I spent a fair amount on adding new features once I bought the game but just didn't have time to continue it and would be interested in selling it.

I've dropped you a message on Skype Sim, if anyone else is interested in potentially buying it then please feel free to drop me a PM

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And change all the hard coded links that pointed to the old domain. Understand the shocking code setup where you placed everything inside methods inside an extended Model file instead of using libraries and helpers, the way CI was designed to be used.

The lack of serialise() when storing arrays in the db, instead of creating your own of storing them which caused headache after headache when trying to fix bugs and add new features.

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