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Releasing another feature on MakeWebGames is the new Q&A, classed as Questions & Answers.

Great effort has been invested by a dedicated member of this website, [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION] who worked solely on this Q&A feature for all members of this website. Python with Django on LAMP stack had to be configured and fine tuned for this Q&A system to run. Sniko also did a quick development sprint inside of this forum system (vBulletin) of creating an API which talks with the Q&A system. This provides MWG user to migrate their MWG directly into Q&A system. No need to make another account there :). However, there is a migration process which you will need to go through. It's all self explanatory. We are all technical people here, so I don't see an issue with anyone using this system, but of course there is room for issues. Please voice any issues on this thread that you encounter with this Q&A system.

Overview of this feature:

This is an enabler of a large-scale knowledge base hub which MWG would greatly benefit as time progresses. It works very similar to stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/). User is allowed to simply ask questions, or be an aid by answering questions.

Using this feature:

It's simple, see the navigation tabs on this website (in the header), and you'll see a new link next to "Chat", called "Q&A". Click this link. Direct URL: http://qa.makewebgames.io/

Thanks to: [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION] [MENTION=50368]Dabomstew[/MENTION] [MENTION=70359]Markku[/MENTION] [MENTION=60705]Djkanna[/MENTION]

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Nice, just need another design though.

Thanks! I'll be playing with the design on the development server over the next couple days.


Might be worth noting that when you migrate your account, the password you set will overwrite your forum one too.

I find this hard to believe because the Q&A system is on an entirely different server, with no direct access to the forum database. The API only validates a forum user ID, and sends a PM; it doesn't alter any user details - however, feel free to prove me wrong.

I think that what most likely happened, was that your browser overwrote your saved password for MakeWebGames?

Edited by sniko
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It's a good idea but the layout is really washed out and hard to read; light text on light backgrounds for example

Is the most concern about the design this area for you, [MENTION=70342]wrux[/MENTION]?


I'd love to get feedback on where the design flaws are, so I can improve them.


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I'll have to agree. Could be a helpful site, however, looking at the site I get a really outdated feel to it. Which then will lead me to believe the Q/A is outdated as well. Template needs to be cleaner ( kind of just looks thrown on there) and more balance between the elements (if it be colors or positioning).

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Thanks @wrux!

I'll be playing around with the design on the development environment later tonight.

Can see this being a great tool for the community!

Could do with a slightly more modern feel. If you need any help just shout [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION]

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Done quite a bit in 3/4 days @sniko! :D

@ColdBlooded make the Q&A link open in a new tab. :)

BTW what happened with that bug report page?


Mantis or something it was called for the bug report page. Solely focused on MCCode engine but meh, that died out. I am in the process of upgrading infrastructure entirely.

Edit: Q&A isn't just for MCCodes obviously. It's for all softwares excluding Microsoft.

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I'm still tweaking it a little, and improving it visually :) Should be online soon.

Feel free to use the MWG logo, considering I created it! You could invert the text if you have a white background




Hey look a black version!




Edited by Dave Macaulay
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