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Peter Leaman - Web Design/PSD Conversion/Integration/More...

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Hello MakeWebGames,

I decided to put up a thread with all of my available services, that came to mind at least, and the estimated quotes that come along with each product. These are open to discussion upon agreement and discussion of each project.


- Business Cards: 35-50$

- Banners: 20$ Initial (10-15$ extra for each banner size) ($5 Addition total for animation)

- Pure PSD Work

+ 1st page: 60-80$

+ 2nd-5th page: 30$ per page.

+ 6th page and more: 20$ per page.

- PSD => xHTML

+ Initial design: 50-75$ (24 hour turn around)

+ Extra pages, 2-5: 25$ each

+ Extra pages, 6 + : 20$ each.

- Integration of one html/css files to their website will be 10-15$/page (negotiable). Integration means that taking a index template file and adding it to the header and menu files, not making sure every page works and is formatted right. This is extra work and can be negotiated upon a deal.


* Login/Register/Ingame PSD

* PSD => xHTML Conversion for all three designs

* 5-6 day turn around

* Cost: 250$ (275$ w/Integration for all 3 designs)

Client Examples:



ComWars: http://w3theory.com/clients/CW/index.html

Criminal Wars: http://w3theory.com/clients/MC/index.html

Mafia Laws: http://w3theory.com/clients/ML/index.html

Battle of the West: http://w3theory.com/clients/BW/index.html

Knights Country: http://w3theory.com/clients/KC/login.html & http://w3theory.com/clients/KC/index.html

Ruthless City: (illustration was gotten from a deviantart artist) http://w3theory.com/clients/RC/index.html - http://www.ruthlesscity.com (for login)

BadAss Town: http://w3theory.com/clients/BM/index.html

Prison Riot: http://w3theory.com/clients/PR/index.html

Militar RPG: http://w3theory.com/clients/Military/login.html

Prison Life: http://w3theory.com/clients/PL/index.html

Becoming Civil: http://w3theory.com/clients/BC/template.png



Libertarian Organization: http://w3theory.com/clients/BCL/template.png

Local Property Management Firm: http://w3theory.com/clients/KMC/template2.png

Local Real Estate Manager (work in progress and just using the domain to work on): http://gamerbloc.com

Gaming Network (illustrations/images were just used as placeholders and were not sold with it): http://w3theory.com/clients/Site51/template.png


J Photography: http://w3theory.com/clients/JP/template.png

Dave Development Site: http://w3theory.com/clients/dave/index.html



Terms of Service:

- Anything under 100$ needs to be fully paid before work is started

- 50% Downpayment

- I work to you are happy, meaning I will continue doing updates on the design until you have said you like it.

- Once the design is agreed upon, no more touch-ups are made unless extra costs are added on.

- Prices may change upon discussion, these are rough estimates that i use as a starting point.

My main source of communication is Skype: pleaman05

If there are any other questions, please do not be afraid to PM or message me on Skype.


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