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Dark Tone Game Template [SALE]

W3Theory || Peter

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Hello MWG,

I know it's been a while, but a recent client I took on to test out my skills again wanted something completely different than what I created, so I am looking to sell the template I created for him just so it doesn't go to waste. The title can be changed and a login/register can be done as well. There is no coding, but if you would like I can provide that service as well.

The template design can be located here:


Open to any bids,


Peter Leaman

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I bid $50 coded, is the login/register included in the price?

Sorry, someone already bid 15$, for it to be coded it would have to be a minimum of 56$ (since i'll charge 40$ for the coding and someone already bid 15$).

The price is only for that PSD. If you want the login/register design that would be more.

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That is a pretty sick template there Petey. Am I the only one that realizes that in all his game templates the location is always Detroit ;)

I guess being from there just makes me use it all the time :P


Thread: This is now going to be closed. I have solid this template to IAN with a lot of added modifications due to it being a BIN.

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