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InfamousNation (New Game)


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Hey all, I've been working on a game for some time now, and everything is in place to go, except...Members, haha. So please visit, look around and possibly even stay at InfamousNation, there are many fun activities to do, hit the gym, do missions, crimes, visit the casino and much, much more! With the game being bug free, all members should have absolutely no issue browsing the site.And of course, its FREE! Join now!

Alternative link:


Side note, this game is custom made and a demo account has been set (details located on login page) if you choose to look around.

Much love,


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The game could be greatly improved by adding typical game 'features', such as a story, and an unlock system - look at RPGS on the PC, and consoles; such as fallout 3.

Also, the game looks and feels like mccodes, not "custom made".

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I can’t remember where from, however I am fairly sure the template is one you can buy (for around $25 if I remember correctly). Many people buy cheap templates for their sites when they open to save money at the start of a sites life. I have not logged in, however the template does not automatically make the site a clone or a backup.

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