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  1. I have done nothing wrong so i think you should leavE!
  2. Im smart. Well anyway We will be using the same script I have created for overloadgame.com - - - Updated - - - And can a mod delete the pountless comments
  3. Quite a while as its a new script we have made
  4. I would like to make an update http://www.thetimewar.co.uk The domain name is purchaced so still looking for a few helpers and maybe a hoster
  5. If you must know guest 4% free time and 48% of my time working on the game(s)
  6. Do you even read what bull you write. This game uses a engine myself and jonathan gorard have coded and created So unless you can show me what you have done which is better I thank you to shut up
  7. I will mostly be on that but I will focus the other 42% of my free tine on theproject. I also will need help with a game name
  8. hi i will be making a new game its a mixed time game. i will pay for hosting and other aspects aswell as providing coding and art services. but i need a few people to help me along the way, if someone else would like to host the game that would be ok, my budget is $200-$300 so message me if interested
  9. we are playing around with the day count, he hasnt been on for 3 weeks at most and i have been online for the last few days but we have both been working also on a minecraft server
  10. Im goibg to keep this short as I am ona mobile. (I prefer the mobile layout now) I have co owned a game for a while and have been coding along with the owner for some months now So check it out we have added a lot so far   http://www.overloadgame.com
  11. All idid for mafiadrwams was edit an imahe for them. And did some game styling in the game. Crime is tpcodes guy which he admitted to me on a message. And i wasgoing to code him a html page with the builtin template
  12.   It was for a php file and i was going to do a html page
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