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Only a few days left before Microsoft removes their cheap prices for the Win 8 upgrade, and I must admit that forced my decision to upgrade to Windows 8. At around 40$ for a digital upgrade instead of the 120$ (or around) after Feb 1st, I thought it was smarter to bite the bullet now and let's hope I could survive to windows 8.

Now, after the upgrade process which took me nearly 2 hours, I must admit the upgrade went as smooth as possible, I found all what I had (from document, setting and softs) back where they was, with 2 missing pieces:

- The start menu,

- DVD playbacks

The start menu cost me another 5$ and I purchased Start 8 from stardock, Sorry MS but personally I do use the start menu, and I can't live with your stupid "start screen" and live tiles. I don't care at all about them, don't want them, and I want instead to use my PC as I want it. So trash away all that metro stupidity, and welcome back to productivity.

The DVD playback you may wonder why, well, my little daughter loves to watch cartoons on the PC, so I must have one... end of the story. I checked VLC and I must admit it's not working as it should, aspect ratio is all broken, and just for that, I don't like it. Sure I could set the aspect ration every time I play a DVD, but why should I do it? Why this soft is not even able to set a setting? Stupid. So welcome MS, media center is free till end of month, so another download and at least I can finally play DVDs...

Now what does win 8 bring to me? Honestly I don't see any advantages, maybe a little faster boot? faster hibernate? Beside that none. I actually don't like the look and feel of the windows, and find stupid that the things like the start menu went away. The only better thing I saw and used is the task manager, but upgrade your os for the task manager? Sorry non-sense to me.

If any of you upgraded, please share your experience, if you are thinking of doing so, do it quickly, as you can upgrade from XP, Vista or 7 before the end of the month for a cheaper price, after it's another story.

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I recently had to buy a new laptop, and after consideration, i thought i may as well give windows 8 a go.

My budget didn't stretch as far to a touch screen laptop/tablet so although the live tiles are nice and I suppose a valid add on for any touch screen hardware i dont feel they have quite grasped the tracker pad with it.

Saying that though, i think it is something that grows on you, and like all major changes to major products that people love it does take some time to settle down, get to know it and how to utilise it properly, but once that has been done i must say i like it to an extent.

Certain things definitely need changes, but overall an improvement for the better, if you havent upgraded yet and you think you may this year, you should grab it now

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I've got Windows 8 on both my laptop and on my PC, but only due to the fact I bought both licences for $15.00, I wanted legit versions of an operating system after having some dodgy things installed.

I can admit I like it, not sure how much over Windows 7 as it still has a large amount of issues but I think it's got a lot of potential, but I doubt with the new stupid price it'll encourage people to keep upgrading.

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I installed windows 8 on my laptop and to tell you the truth I didn't like it one little bit. As alain said vlc totally messed up.. kids can't enjoy movies like they did when 7 was installed. The start menu not being there annoyed me and a few other things.. Yes load up time is a bit faster and a few other things here and there but all in all I don't like it.. I have since reinstalled windows 7.

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